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Please help, what are my chances of getting HSV-2....please help, I'm panicking

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I had PROTECTED sex w a guy who has HSV-2. 3 days after we had sex he noticed a blister.. The outbreak is at the base of his penis so it wouldn't be covered by a condom but we did use one. I know that you shed a few days before the blisters appear but how many days? And we used a condom so how likely is it that I have contracted the virus. We ended things so I'm really freaking out.


I have genital HSV-1 if that makes a difference.

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Hey Heytherehelp,


Welcome to the forums. I get that it can be scary ... And first things first, take a deep breath. :) Everything is going to be just fine. Regardless, having any kind of herpes isn't a death sentence. It's a pretty normal thing for 1/4 of the population, so definitely put that in context for yourself. It's just a skin condition when it comes down to it. A skin condition with a manufactured stigma associated with it that says we're supposed to be ashamed of having sex. The more we can realize that the risk of STDs is ubiquitous, the sooner we can lessen the impact it has on our lives and well-being. (For gosh sakes, the vast majority of people will get HPV at some point in their lives; people who have never gotten an STD before are in the extreme minority. Extreme.) So hopefully that can help you put it in context for you that even if you did get HSV-2 from this guy, you'll be okay. There are tons of us with genital HSV-2 and we live happy, fulfilled sex lives; I'm one of them. :)


Good news is you having genital HSV-1 does offer some protection against HSV-2 (sidenote: for anyone reading this who has genital HSV-2, that provides nearly full protection from getting HSV-1, too).


If the blister you saw is indeed a herpes blister on him (no way to know for sure unless he got it swabbed or has gotten outbreaks similar to that in that general location before), that does mean he was most likely shedding around the time you had sex (since a herpes outbreak is just viral shedding overload). But even so, having sex with a condom does help lessen the chances. Was he also taking antivirals that you know of?

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Depends. My outbreaks are always the same spot. Always. With others, it can jump around a bit. It all depends on which nerve pathways the original outbreak(s) took to reach the surface of the skin. So it certainly does not rule it out.

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