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3 quick questions for new HSV 2 patient.. would love input (my first post)

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1. is it true that after 2 years the outbreaks are down to one a year? ( so it does get better right? )


my first outbreak was a mild rash with lots of tingling.


2. IS treatment recommended? I mean can I go the rest of my life without seeing my doctor again and managing flair ups with healthy eating and sleep and low stress?


3. What is HSV liek after 5 , 10 , 15 years? Do you just adjust and move on with life? or are outbreaks and shame still liek a shadow behind you... i am newly diagnosed.. need something to look forward to because this sucks now.



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Hello @chrisR,


1. The outbreaks do lessen over time. For some people that may be one a year, others it may be two or three times a year. Its different for everyone. Some people have their primary outbreak then never have another one. Only time will tell how it will go for you.


2. Once again this is a very individual decision. If you end up having frequent outbreaks you may want to take antivirals to help suppress outbreaks or take them at the first sign of an outbreak and shorten its duration. If you end up in a relationship with someone who is negative antivirals can help prevent transmission. The things you mentioned certainly help too.


3. I've had HSV2 nearly 30 years now. I pretty much stuck my head in the sand for the first 10 years. Except for one instance I avoided relationships altogether. Once I got on the internet I found out that there was a local support group. Attending a meeting did wonders. I finally met others and realized that I was not alone in this. I also finally received an education about herpes. That lead to much better time in life. By posting here you have taken your first step in the right direction. Read through the forum and informational blog. This blog written by @WCSDancer2010 is also an excellent read http://supporttruthanddialog.com/.


I had somewhat frequent outbreaks for a number of years. I had a rather physically stressful job. Eight years ago I transferred into a job that is a lot less stressful and my outbreaks went way down. My last outbreak was in July 2015. You will adjust to it, just give yourself some time.

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