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Lack of Information

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I wish I could think of a better title for this thread, but I had to vent about the lack of material out there. I know this is already an obvious statement, but I mean I really wish there was a collection of actual images of sores and lesions to look at. I am still struggling with identifying symptoms and determining if I have GHSV or Oral.

I had a bump appear this weekend and the best resource I have found is reddit. And even at that, reddit is full of people asking "Is this herpes?" with everyday users giving yes and no responses encouraging formal doctor appointments and then there is no conclusive answer afterwards.

I also understand that this is a very private matter and not everyone wants to have their private bits shared on the internet.

I just think this would be so helpful, especially since everyone has such mixed reactions.

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@ALittleMad Unfortunately, even doctors can't provide an accurate diagnosis based on visual inspection alone.


I know it's frustrating looking at Google images. Some people do get the type of lesions (clusters of fluid filled blisters) typically seen in Google images but it is a minority. 80-90% of people with genital herpes have no visible symptoms or symptoms that are mild enough to be mistaken for razor burn, jock itch, a yeast infection, a light rash, a pimple, an ingrown hair, a small cut, a hemorrhoid, etc.


And it isn't just Google images that has this misconception. I have medical providers who have a very narrow idea of how genital herpes appears (they think it's always clusters of blisters like on Google images) so they are missing most cases that present with milder symptoms.


This is not to suggest your bump is due to HSV. It could be any number of things.


Here's a link to a handbook that has a chapter on symptoms, though it does not have accompanying pictures: https://www.westoverheights.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Updated-Herpes-Book.pdf


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I'm just really agitated because my symptoms don't add up and the doctor doesn't have any openings earlier. I've been taking daily pictures myself but I'm afraid it will be too late for accuracy in diagnosis. I've also been poking and scratching at the site so I don't know if I made it worse or what.

I have been blood tested as HsV1 but no idea where. I have a sore right now on my lady bits with no itch, no pain, no anything.

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