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Antiviral meds or not?

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I was wondering if in the long run am I better off letting my immune system learn how to control and fight Ob on its own?

Or is it wiser to take meds?


I know this is a question for my doctor but I honestly think patients understand stuff like this better than doctors

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I've had herpes nearly 30 years now and I've not taken an antiviral in over 20 years. If your outbreaks are frequent and painful I would say take them. If they are not frequent you probably don't really need them.


The other situation you may consider taking an antiviral is if you're in a relationship with someone who is negative. They can help reduce shedding and lower the chance for transmission. Of course its all up to you.

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I also agree with above


H affects everyone differently...I had a primary ob 30 years ago, and not another one that would cause enough symptons to notice until last August when I was officially diagnosed. I did take an antiviral then, for 10 days...and have not taken it since...I've also not had another ob that I am aware of.

Some people get frequent obs and need medicine


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I'd look at two things when considering the antivirals.


#1 Are your outbreaks bearable? Because if they are, then I'd let your immune system do it's job. If they are not, then it doesn't hurt to have some help.


#2 Are you at risk of transmitting it to a negative person? If you are in a relationship and that person wants the added protection (or you want the added assurance) then I'd consider it. (Or females that may get pregnant, to protect the baby).

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I'm not a fan of medicine, take as little as possible and look for natural cures when available. I do however take an antiviral daily, I fee much better on it. Off it, I feel fluish, fatigued and generally unwell. It supperesses/lessens the severity of outbreaks as well, at least for me. I am married and my husband and I both take antivirals. :)

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