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Pimple-like symptom

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Hi everyone! I'll keep this short. I saw a small pimple on my outer labia five days ago. I have no sensation symptoms (no itching, burning, tingling, etc.), nor did I feel anything prior to this. I started doubling my valtrex intake because I thought it's an outbreak. I kept monitoring it and noticed that the bump developed a white head, like a typical pimple. I touched it with a Q-Tip and could not feel any pain/itching/or any other sensation. Anyone experienced this before? You think it's an outbreak? The main reason for my asking is that if it's not, I'd like to know that if I have this experience in the future I maybe don't need to double up on my medicine if it's not an outbreak. My boyfriend thinks I should pop it, but I think I'll just let it be. Thanks for your feedback!


P.S. This forum is really great and everyone's input is super helpful!



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I actually just had the exact same thing happen except I don't take Valtrex. I took pictures every day since I noticed it and scheduled an appointment with my doctor. My doc was very nice and assured me it was just a pimple especially after I showed him the pictures. I waited until he was done looking and diagnosing to show pictures and bring up my concerns and we did have a nice conversation about H as well.

Do you know what your typical symptoms are? I believe outbreaks follow a pattern once you've determined what your symptoms are.

I popped mine and made it look awful so you're probably better off leavin it alone. Sit in a hot bath 15 mins twice a day. If that makes it better it's probably just a pimple. The only way to know for sure is to see a doctor though!

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Thanks for sharing ALittleMad. I haven't had very many outbreaks, so it's hard for me to determine if they're always the same or if they'll change. The two I experienced were very mild and I only felt itchy. But I did feel something, unlike with this pimple like thing. If I get this again, i might just go see my doctor to make sure. Thank you for sharing.

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