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anyone have this H problem and if so how do you deal with it


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I have had a sore throat for 2 months now. I have went to the VA and they took a smear to see if it was H and gave me a 7 day supply of ACYCLOVIR. When the test came back it was negative. I have called to let them know I still have the problem and still waiting for a call from them. Go figure, there a joke. So went to the local walk in clinic, that doc said it was H and gave me a 10 day supply of ACYCLOVIR. Been taking it now for 3 days and no results yet, just like when the VA gave it to.

I guess what I really like to know is there anyone else that just has it in the form of a sore throat ? I have never had a cold sore and have been married to the same gal for 43 years. On a personal note she went through a hard menopause 9 years ago so rather than have her take pills (that could cause problems for her) just so I can have 5 min of fun we decided not to have any sex. So its been 9 years since ether one of us have intimate contact, other than kissing. So the million dollar question is, how could I have got this type 1 H? The only way I can think is trough a dentist I went to or by using utensils when out to eat that were used by someone with H. Is that possible? I have a ton of questions but these will do for now.

Thanks for listening ........woodman

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Is your wife positive for H? What type? You could have carried the virus for years and just not have known. It's not possible that you've gotten this from a dentist (they wear gloves correct?) or utensils in a restaurant.


I'm sorry that you've not had intimate contact for 9 years. I guess that is a personal choice, but I wouldn't like that.


As for the sore throat. Did the second doctor do a swab? And have you gotten a positive result? I can see it taking longer than three days for the meds to kick in, but since you've already finished one prescription, I think I would want some blood work done. And additional testing. Maybe it is H, but it may be something else. CMV is a possibility. How is your immune system? Do you have a fever? Other symptoms? If this is a herpes infection, you might want to have them change the antiviral to something else like valtrex.


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Thanks MM for the response. I know its hard to be leave that a guy would go along with no sex. But you all have to understand I married my best friend 43 years ago and been together since 9 grade, there has been no other since for ether of us. We never had oral sex, just didn't do that. Now when I was single and running, I sowed a few oats.

No she hasn't had any test and doesn't have any symptoms. She is healthier then a bear.

No the second Dr didn't take any test for H just looked at it and said it was. She did swab for Streep, it was negative. I asked her how one could get this other than with sex. She said what I have is like cold sores H-1, but in the mouth and can be got by drinking after someone, or having someone close and coughs droplet of saliva. Or kissing someone that has it.

I'm going to see if VA will give me a blood test to make sure. Is there a specific name for the blood test I should ask for?


What is CMV?


Never have had a fever. Just a really bad head ache , sore throat, really red and a sore on left side of mouth inside and feels like there is a blockage between my left ear and jaw. Hard to equalize my left ear.

My immune system has been working over time for several years now. I have been fighting one thing or the other since 1999. Messed up back/neck, corporal tunnel, tore rotator cuff right shoulder with surgery.

Left hip replaced, tore cartilage on right knee, had surgery on it and now I get shots in it every 3 months not wanting to have it replaced yet.

Than a round the time this started I had neck problem and left foot is swollen all the time. Had to have two MRIs before they found C-7 is messed up, so waiting to see what there going to do to it. 3 weeks gone by and still no call from them on that. On top of all that I been trying to sale a cabin in eastern TN in the mountains, I built back in 2010 after the 08 crash, we put all investments left in land and a retirement cabin. But because its 500 miles one way to there and I'm a mess, we just don't want the place anymore. So the stress I been in has been something for sure.

Now this problem is really screwing me up. Cant get the Dr to respond with any urgency. Even they look at someone with H as low class patients. Even tried to get into a throat specialists. First opening was Jan 24.

Health system now a days is a joke. I pay 700 buck a month for good insurance and cash is not a problem, but that makes no deference. Thanks OB. LOL

My wife and daughters are very supported and say dad its no big deal as I start to brake down. I tell them I'm crying because the thought that I could never kiss them, the wife or the grand kids with out passing it on is killing me.


Sorry for rambling on, it is good to talk to some one, thanks for listening.

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@woodman Forgive me if I'm misinterpreting what you've shared, but I would not assume it is oral herpes if the swab came back negative for HSV and the diagnosis was based on visual inspection alone. And if it is oral herpes, I don't quite understand why it has been suggested that sexual contact was necessary for transmission, unless the doctor also incorrectly assumed he could tell the difference between HSV1 and HSV2 based on visual inspection alone and assumed it is HSV2. If it is oral herpes, it is significantly more likely to be HSV1 which is extremely common and could have been contracted from a simple kiss with someone who gets cold sores or a more passionate kiss with someone who has HSV1 but no visible symptoms. I don't know the age of your grandchildren, but many children contract HSV1 between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old, so it is even possible you contracted it from one of your grandkids.


Given the symptoms you've mentioned, it does sound important to get an accurate diagnosis.

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@woodman Looking over your posts again, it sounds like you are saying they do think it's HSV1. And I see you mentioned you and your wife do kiss. So I'm wondering if maybe you're under the impression your wife does not have HSV1 because she doesn't get cold sores? Most people with HSV do not have noticeable symptoms. Some people get cold sores now and then, others just have a single outbreak when they contract HSV, and still others never have any noticeable symptoms but can still transmit the virus. It is entirely possible your wife has HSV1 (most adults do) and transmitted it to you through a kiss. Still, given the persistent symptoms you've been having, if the diagnosis was made only visually, I would encourage you to get a more accurate diagnosis.

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Thanks Optimist for chiming in.

No I don't assume my wife don't have it. She just hasn't shown any symptoms.

and yes the Dr said it was H-1 like cold sores but in the mouth and not only transmitted by sex but by kissing or sharing a drink, etc.. Even at that I don't want to pass anything to anyone.

And yes I have grandkids that are broke out with cold sores now and than. There father passed that on to them. The wife and I have always kissed and hugged them no matter what . I know your right, Monday I'm calling every Dr that will listen and see if one of them can find time in there busy schedule to fit me in for a blood test to make sure if I have it or not.

What bothers me is the meds they keep giving me has no effect. 2 months with a sore throat is a bit hard to handle.

Thanks again

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The only thing that bothered me about your diagnosis was that the swab was negative. If you have active lesions and they swabbed it properly, then you should have gotten a pretty accurate diagnosis. That and the the meds aren't working for you. I just mentioned CMV as another virus that can cause sores in the throat. (Not trying to diagnose you! There are quite a few alternative things we could come up with.)


Now that was have more information- you're under a lot of stress, you've been dealing with some health issues, and your grandkids do have cold sores. It does sound as if HSV is a possibility. HSV loves stress, and if your immune system has taken a beating-then an outbreak could very well hang around for awhile.


The blood test you can ask for is a type specific HSV IgG test. That will at least tell you if you've got the virus. And if the meds are not working, I would ask for a different antiviral. Sometimes people have better luck with one than the other.


Keep on them! Nothing more frustrating than not being able to get well. Have you tried any home remedies to help with the irritation? I've heard of people using honey and even coconut oil to sooth their throat. It may help.

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Got the blood test today MM. Wont have the results till I return from vacation in Nov. And don't care to know one way or the other till I get back. One of my hobbies is bee keeping. I been drinking a cup of warm water with 1 tea spoon of mothers earth vinegar and 2 tea spoons of honey. There's no better way to get relief from a sore throat and it last for a long time too, plus it good for you.

Thanks for all your comments you have been a big help. This site is very helpful and a blessing for those that need a place to get help from people with similar conditions.

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