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Jim Carrey and Suicide

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Hi All


I would like to raise a recent media topic that really troubled me.


Allegedly Jim Carrey gave a 28year old 3 stds. It's been said it's HSV1, HSV2 and HPV. Apparently this was the cause or motivation for her suicide...


Now, not withstanding that these are still allegations and not proven as yet. If it were the case, is that really a reason to kill oneself?


I understand that feelings of betrayl, rejection and lowered self worth would naturally crop up, however, I worry that this coverage will alienate those newly diagnosed with STDS and justify that self-loathing period to something far more sinister .


I think the media should be more responsible overall for all topics.. And especially this one. Especially in a time where, as per the past too, stds are exceptionally common and mostly, part of being sexually active.


I don't condone knowingly passing on stds, I also dont suggest having them is easy or no stress. But how does blaming a alleged carrier for suicide help ANYONE, victim, carrier or society ? It jsut further stigmatises stds - really we should be talking about mental health and society.


Any thoughts?

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Clearly this person had other issues, to want to choose suicide.


Nobody want's to knowing pass on an STD, but the risk of passing on HSV1 or 2 is extremely low. In some cases you have a better chance at winning the lottery or dying in a car crash than getting HSV. HSV is really not a big deal and I'm sick of all the false information!

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Yea I was reading about that the other week.. using that logic, you could say the breakup was equally to blame for her death. Her hand written letter to Jim was publicised too, and it sounded like so many intro posts on here. I wish she couldve found some help.. maybe she did visit here. Although I cant blame a mother for wanting revenge, it seems a bit opportunist given that they were estranged, and the daughter didnt want to press the case whilst she was around. The thing that seemed to bother her was that Jim wouldnt accept responsibility for giving her H.. clearly he is used to people threatening to steal his fortune, and will be extra cautious so long as the legal threats remain. I doubt the mother's case will be successful, as how can anybody prove that she didnt already have one of the STDs beforehand? HSV1 is especially suspect.


Very sad anyway.

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As far as HPV goes, it's pretty much a useless disclosure. Almost everyone has that, and men don't even know if they got it because there's no way to test for it. Sometimes it stays forever, sometimes the body clears it. Some doctors say it's only contagious when you actually have a wart.


There's no real way to prove that he gave her HPV or even HSV if she's had sex before with more than one or more partners.


STDs are a part of life.


This is how it works- unless you are completely chaste and living like a nun, then you are probably going to some kind of STD at any given point.


Almost all of them harmless and can be treated to go away. The ones that stick around, like HSV, are pretty much a non-issue for the majority of people who have it. Even HIV, which was at one time thought to be an automatic death sentence is now being viewed as more or a chronic condition that can be managed.



Many animal species are also rife with STDs. It's just part of being alive.


People, especially in USA has this purity myth in their minds, like they are going to be a perfect unicorn forever.


Forget STDs.. what about things like aging and dying from cancer and all that other shit..


Nobody lives forever, health fades inevitably for everyone. Enjoy the life while you got it, don't sweat the small stuff like HSV or HPV, and don't buy into some dumbass stigma.



And as far as HIV goes, unless you are exposing yourself to high risk populations, then you are very unlikely to even come into contact with it.



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