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Acyclovir & Constipation


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I haven't taken this medication but with any constipation issues, you can get over the counter stool softeners that are safe for daily use. You may want to increase your water intake if you don't drink a good amount already. Also, how is your diet?


If you aren't able to get regular soon, I would talk to your doctor. It can cause issues if you let it go to long.


Good luck!

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Well I don't eat bread at all it's mostly stuff like chicken fish some red meats a lot of veggies & fruits it all started with either taking the medication or when I was consuming like a cup of plain yogurt ever night for a week you know how thick that is & I wasn't drink much water then until now I was taking supplements like amino acids vitamins C, E, B, D, Zinc, Olive leaf Extract so I stopped all that & it's slowly wants to go regular but I was doing all that before the only thing I added was the yogurt & the acyclovir.

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Is there a reason you are taking all those supplements to begin with? I only ask because if you eat properly, and in good amounts, you should be getting all the vitamins you need from your food. There's no reason to waste money on the extras unless your diet is insufficient and/or a doctor has told you to.


Anyway, as with any medications, water is important. It could be the acyclovir as everyone reacts to things differently. If you continue to have this problem, you could try a different antiviral.

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Funny you should connect the Acyclovir with constipation because when I had my first outbreak (not long ago now; 8/9 weeks ago) I was put on Acyclovir 800mg 5 times a day for a week I did have constipation. I also ended up with one solitary hemorrhoid that gave me more trouble than the outbreak itself and at first, I wasn't quite sure whether the tingling and itchiness was part and parcel of the OB or hemmrohids. I went to see my dr who examined me and said that it was definitely a hemmrhoid and not part of the OB. The hemmrohoid has only now cleared up thanks to me applying LomaHerpan cream on it that I ordered from the Herpes Virusses Association. I took stool softners for a while and drank (still drink) loads of water as water is good for you anyway. Hope it's completely cleared up for you now.

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