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Anybody Out There Also Suffer From Shingles?


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Hello, just a few questions hopefully someone out there can answer: back in 2007 I was diagnosed with Herpes Zoster, a.k.a. Shingles. About a month ago I started experiencing night fevers, swollen glands in my neck, and all these little red dots (not itchy) all over my tummy and back, as well as got a shingles OB on my right foot. About 2 weeks ago, I got sores DOWN THERE. I visited my ob-gyn, who took one look at me and said "I'm sorry, but u have herpes". He prescribed me 400 mg of Acyclovir five times a day, which I've been taking for that long. I'm still experiencing the pain and discomfort (when I don't take 750 mg of echinacea and 500 of excedrin WITH the acyclovir every four hours). Can anybody tell me if the combination of shingles and herpes can cause the little red dots, or could it be something much worse, like AIDS? I've done a little research and know that AIDS symptoms are very similar to herpes symptoms. I go in tomorrow to get the culture results... Please help!!!

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Yeah, I threw myself into a panic attack when I Googled "little red dots on body" and pics popped up. I just want to get to the bottom of this. The pain and itching I experience you know where are unbearable. I thought taking acyclovir five times a day for the past couple of weeks would have eliminated at least some of the pain but holy moly it's painful! I just want to get to the bottom, and END, of this.. I'm scared.. I'm 33 and I've never been so scared in my life. I'd rather it be herpes than AIDS. I'll keep u guys posted for sure.. Hugs ❤

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I threw myself into a panic attack also. Most of them images look like any other typical rash! Scary! Did they not give you pain medication of some sort? Or recommend something for the pain? Look through the forum for suggestions on dealing with the outbreaks. There are some ways to treat the symptoms from the outside that may give you a little relief.


Hugs!! If it helps, we will be here regardless of the test results. Try not to worry too much.



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