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Herpes migration

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I feel a little silly asking because I've lived with this for 10 yrs almost but I have always had OB on my hips, buttucks, never around my genitals, and now after nearly ten years , I think I may be having a mild ob on my perineum. Hsv2 most likely as the person I got it from tested hsv2, I was swabbed years ago but they didn't give me the type. I assume it's type2. So I'm confused. Did I autoinmocukate? Did it migrate? I've had a partner who also had hsv2 about 4 yrs ago, we had lots of unprotected sex not during OB. As far as I'm aware my partners have been negative for hsv since then. But I think I may have possibly now got it snally/Perenium. It's really hard to see but it's sore to wipe, like open, but didn't see blusters, but it was itchy. It's not a large sore at all, perhaps a few small blisters. Iugh. Recently disclosed to a new partner who seemed okay with it all but told him I'd never had a problem there. Now I feel like either sex with him moved it around on me... and perhaps I've exposed him? Ugh.

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another outbreak in a new spot. i dont understand this...after 10 yrs, why it is becoming a problem all over... :O for years i never had more than a sore on my butt cheek....now its creeping up everywhere. please anyone have information to help me undrrstand whats happening here??

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I've had H over 35 yrs and never had prodrome. An ob would just show up out of the blue. Nonetheless, they were never in the same location....ever! I am now on anti viral which I started for the first time in March of this year and have not had an ob since. I was only getting about 5 per yr to begin with, but now 0 which was my goal.

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