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Please scared to death


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Hi guys, I just turned 22, Idk if anything im about to say is too r rated or against the rules but I will try my best to keep it age friendly, and If I make a mistake Im so very sorry ahead of time, Im in a commmited realtionship and I did the most stupid thing Ive ever done and if I could go back in time, Lord knows i would, I let a "woman who does things for money" perform oral, and I already had irritation there, so Ive pretty much accepted I have herpes, a few weeks after that I was diagnosed with NGU, and given antibiotics, immediatly after the act was over, i began to google herpes, so I made a plan to test 6 weeks after exposure and then again at 12 weeks, (some sources say 4-6 weeks is adequate time for antibodies to appear others say 12 weeks) so I went to the dr at 6 weeks and got the best herpes test available for me, surprisingly it came back negative for both types, my dr said the test was done in enough time and if the girl had no cold sores visible(she didnt) that I should be fine, he also presribed burproprion, ive been taking it for a month and have not felt the effects, he said he wanted to "try me on that" because of how worked up I was, now heres why I believe I have it , after googling I found out that a low immune symptoms brings it to the surface, I had some drinks with my grandmother the week of the blood test and the next day I felt horrible, the next week I had bug bite type bumps and hives forming on both legs which 2 of them turned to a single white head which I popped one of these hives was huge, now this could have been anything because I work outside and I wore pants with holes in them that monday but idk, also a very red area appeared on my genital, and had a shiny look to it, and went away in less than 24 hours? I rushed to the dr and had it looked at and the dr said "No sir, this isnt herpes" ive had bumps pop up prior to this and Ive had them all looked at and some of them swabbed and all came back well,, Im just asking you guys any advice to help me calm down, and how to break up with my gf, I told her everything and she forgave me and we've had protected relations many times after the event and she hasnt come up with anything, (another good sign I guess) , but I really wanted children one day but Ive gone out and messed all that up, im going for the next test soon, prepared for the worst:( thanks for hearing me out guys, thanks for any input!--

what would be most likely hsv1 or hsv2?

ive been having non stop cool sensations in my legs and butt and toes and nerves jumping all over my body

she had no sores at all I got a good look at her but she probably had them all over the inside of her mouth?

none of the "bumps" ive had showup hurt at all,,, or the little rash irritation thing on my penis ,

I used soap that my body doesnt like the same week but Im leaning more toward herpes,,,,im just so screwed idk what to do

going for another test in a week or so


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@Zoro If it puts your mind at ease, I see absolutely no reason to think a sex worker would be more likely to have oral HSV1 than your girlfriend or yourself. More than half of adults have oral HSV1 and I've never heard anything to suggest it is more prevalent among sex workers or correlated with number of sex partners. Oral HSV2 is uncommon (perhaps 1% of all oral HSV infections) and also sheds significantly less than oral HSV1, so if you only received oral sex and did not have protected or unprotected intercourse or other genital-genital contact with this sex worker, I would not worry about HSV2. Just keep in mind that HSV2 is quite common, so it's likely you will have sex partners who are infected with HSV2 at some point in your life if you haven't already. In that sense, it's not such a bad thing that you are educating yourself about it now, even though the risk associated with this one incident is extremely low.


If you do decide to have another blood test, for the most accurate results, you will want to wait 16 weeks from the encounter that concerns you. At 16 weeks, 95% of people with HSV2 will test positive. 70% of people with HSV1 will test positive. Blood tests just aren't as good at detecting HSV1.



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You do not have to panic so much because I had many sexual contacts with my ex who has H2 for over 2 years and I got tested negative today after 6 weeks from last contact and 15 weeks and a half from first contact. I know this results will be more accurate if done after longer period but given i have no symptoms in my genital is a good sign. When I said many sexual contacts I mean everything you could think off for 15 times at least .. so from my personal experience I found genital herpes isn't easy to spread like HSv1 and other diseases. I'm not a doctor or an expert by any mean by just guy who went through the experience I explained above. Do not panic too much it doesn't worth it. I tried not to panic and I understand it's too hard not too. But man many people got it. I tested positive for HSV1 which I will never ever know about if I didn't test my self for it since I had zero symptoms until now. Take it easy and wait for the results. Good luck

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