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I am a single female living and I want to share some light here! For anyone that is feeling negative and need some positive vibes I am here to share my story. I was diagnosed with H 2 a few months ago and after that I was depressed for a month. I told my mom, my best friend and my stepdad about my diagnosis and what guess what? ... my step dad told me he has it too and he has been with my mom for 7 years and she never caught it! (I know right awkward conversation with my parents). It doesn't end there. My best friend has it too! Now that's three people that I told and 2 of them has it! So just imagine how many people have it??! After being depressed for a month, I got back to my normal self and only think of H when I am about to get my period (that's when I get a little emotional) I had casual sex with 2 guys after and they knew I had it and they never caught it. I am still really good friends with both of them. I know that some of you are having a hard time with this, but I just want to let you guys know that there are worst things that can happen and I know that the stigma kills a lot of us emotionally but H helped me became a more open minded person and less judgmental.A lot of my friends have HIV and they are super positive and I keep asking myself wow how do they still so positive. Well it's all about self love and knowing your worth as a person. I truly believe that H will not affect my future relationships and it shouldn't affect yours either, because I know that we will all find a person that is going to love us unconditionally regardless of H. Please don't be so down on yourself, you are awesome and if anyone needs some positive vibes please message me I would love to help anyone that is going through this!

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Thank you for sharing this! Some of the best advice I received about disclosing was that "If you don't act like it's a big deal, they probably won't act like it's a big deal. People tend to react how you expect them to." So true! For me, the hardest part was telling my friends who don't have it. We're all close and I didn't want to hide any part of my life from them. And guess what, they supported me! They don't treat me any differently. Because really, it's not THAT big of a deal. Thanks for the added support. :)

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This positve vibes is Something that i needed! I was diagnosed with hsv1 this month of april. And i didnt even know i have it for a long time till i got tested. I think i got it from my friend. A room mate. Shes like a family to me as well. Kinda hard to tell her about it. I didnt ven kissed a guy on the lips till this month. I was a virgin for 27 years. And just had my first sex last march so decided to be tested thats when i found out i have hsv1

Suoer shocked and depressed. Being all paranoid right now. But im trying to be optimistic. And thinking that even these famous celebs have it, Kim kardashian, scarlette J. , Jessica biel and Justin timberlake. Jessica Alba too. Its very extremely common virus. :/ But im still trying to cope up with it. Being paranoid in some certain days just like today. Lol but i know I'll be alright sooner or later.

Message me, female for now. For support and good vibes.

Thank you!

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