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Anyone have both types hsv AND hpv?

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Not one, not two, but three diseases. You'd think I had been a lady of the night. I always, always practiced safe sex. I never cheated. I have been cheated ON, but I never cheated. I never slept with a stranger.


I was diagnosed low risk hpv years and years ago. At the same time, they just gave me a Western Blot and told me I had both types hsv. Well I had always had cold sores. But I never had a anything "down there"... and even later I tested negative with an Elisa test for hsv2... So after much confusion many years later, I was kind of wrapping my head around having not one but probably two std's for the rest of my life. I can't lie, I have never had a good relationship after any of that, because I end up with whoever will have me because of this.


So I am plugging along in my compromised life and last year my bf throws in my face that I am also shedding hsv 1 from my mouth a lot of the time. So now I feel, re traumatized and disgusted with myself. I mean I had no idea I was supposed to be telling everyone I had this as well. I thought I was ok as long as I didn't have an active cold sore. And for years I thought oral was safe.


Anyway does anyone else have three things they have to deal with? I have felt alone over all these years, sure there are support groups for hpv and herpes but there is NO support group for the people like me. There never has been. And no advice on how to tell someone you have multiple diseases.


And also I am very, very confused by the mixed messages about all of these things. "They are very common, it's not a big deal".


"It's a huge deal"


"It's just a skin rash"


"It's a terrible disease to have"....



So which one is it people? Is it a big deal, or not? Personally I have still, well over ten years after diagnoses NEVER had anything down there. Ever. And I wonder at times did they make a mistake, especially after getting an Elisa test that came back negative.

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@pecan Statistics indicate that 40% of people with HSV2 also have HSV1. So the odds are that 40% of those on this board with HSV2 also have HSV1. Statistics also indicate that 70% of sexually active women acquire at least one form of HPV by the age of 22. And the percentage of those who contract HPV increases from there. So I would guess at least 1/3 of women on this board with HSV2 also have HSV1 and have contracted at least one strain of HPV.

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I have both HSV strains (never positive by culture, but by blood test--not sure which test, it's been MANY years, 1988). And then, lucky me, after having negative paps and HPV tests for lo these many years, I also tested positive for high-risk HPV almost 4 years ago along with pre-cancerous changes to the cervix. Having a virus that can be life-threatening sure changed my feelings about HSV! For HSV I just take my Valtrex every day, for the HPV it's been 5 procedures so far but the HPV has never cleared and the cervical changes keep coming back, luckily always low-grade. I absolutely have had both my son and daughter fully vaccinated for HPV.

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MMissouri, the standard is to start automatic testing for high-risk HPV strains after age 30 since most younger women will clear the virus within 2 years of exposure. If you have pre-cancerous changes in your 20's it's just assumed that HPV is present.

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TKdmama, you've got me curious now! We send out all our pap testing but they are reflexed to HPV regardless of age (I agree High Risk is started @30-but you've got me curious on the younger patients now) I'll get back to you on that!


If I've learned anything on this forum, it is that people who have it generally have more information than people that don't. I'll consider myself corrected- and thanks for the info!


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Just assume that everyone has HPV. If you are going to have sex these days, it will be hard for you not to get HPV. And that can be said, to a lesser extent about herpes.


Good thing is that both of the conditions aren't a big deal for the vast majority of people who have them.. like 80%


For me personally, the fun of having sex outweighs not doing and not getting herpes. I'd rather have a good time in the short life that we have and suffer a few bumps once in a while then to never have sex and live in fear of this thing that is actually pretty benign.

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Hi guys thanks for the feedback.


Would like to hear more experiences. This is a lot to handle, and there is virtually no counseling or support for anyone in this specific situation and I have to wonder why.


Also as far as HPV, leave it to me to get warts- and I read that only 1% of the population gets this particular manifestation of HPV and yet still I read over and again that warts are "common".



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Hey Pecan, I don’t have much advice unfortuntely but I am going through a very similar situation and it’s awful. I tested positive for genital HSV-1 by swab culture 12 years ago. Two years ago I got diagnosed with genital warts which I’m still dealing with and my most recent blood work cams back positive for hsv-2 as well although my index value was under 3.5 so I don’t even know if it’s accurate. Anyway, just wanted to say you aren’t alone. It’s a LOT to handle and I’m having a really hard time too but hopefully we can get some support here. Best of luck to you.

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I have 4 incurables:


HPV High Risk


PSC - which totally trumps all the others as it is autoimmune based, no cure and kills my bile ducts which will one day kill my liver if not me first


I found out about the last 3 in the last 4 months - TOTAL BOMBSHELL and turned my life upside down and then some.... being very single and living alone.


My HPV high risk is not the 16 or the 18 as they can test for those two, but another one that did cause pre-cancerous cells on my cervix last November. When I went in for my first of two procedures on my cervix I was told I have an HsV2 lesion and due to the small BO that it couldn't be my first. I freaked - as I just tested negative for both types of H and hadn't had sex but once in June with a person I have been with many times before. Definitely my first ever BO as it lasted 4 months after switching antivirals and take high doses. Still have yet to try out the goods as a wee paranoid doing so might give me another BO.... but met a man recently, so working on getting back on it... been too long for this girl :)


The two types of HSV are so very different I would always request knowing which. As it is, no HSV1 for me and I don't want it - my body is struggling enough as it is.


It's so true that HSV takes a back seat to HPV cervical issues and for me PSC. When put in that perspective, as much as I HATE having HSV2 as I am do damn careful too... right now, it's not going to kill me, just make life a bit more creative.


The other bitch of it all is that when and if I go on immunosuppressants when I get a new liver one day, the drugs can allow HSV2 to mutate into a killer as my immune system won't be fighting it properly - I'm still in shock about it, but life goes on and so must I while I have it. HPV high risk acting out is another sign of compromised immune system and if it continues to attack me - I will get a hysterectomy and call it good.... as long as it does not then go for vaginal or anal cancer. HPV you'll never know. As it is will all incurables, it's all about managing the symptoms.






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As for the warts and HPV - they are easier to treat and low risk is good. Warts sound worse than they are as always... a wart on ones hand is socially acceptable. A wart on one's genitals... not so much.


Get em' burned/frozen and move on. Many times they won't come back and if you are healthy, good chance you'll put your HPV into remission.

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TKDmama - you are a rockstar and wishing you luck with your HPV issues. Mine comes back and I'm getting rid of my cervix!

Folks have so many issues with the vaccines and you and I are the small few that are like, hell yes do it, as not everyone can fight the damn disease and folks do die from HPV if not caught in time or can't fight it proper.

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Male here....I have hpv (genital wart strain). Have had it for almost 2 years. I just recently got diagnosed with Genital HSV2...Had my first outbreak at the beginning of January. Whats funny is i used protection for all my sexual encounters except 2, and Im pretty confident I didnt catch it from those 2. I must be the worst condom user in existence. I'm 23 and ill probably die alone at this point. Im thinking of getting a wart biopsied whenever i get another one. I would like to know what strain it is just so I know if its one of the strains that the Vaccine protects from. I feel like if it is, and my partner (if i ever have one) is vaccinated then I only really have to worry about possibly transmitting 1 disease and not 2. Anyone have insight to my logic? Has anyone done this?

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Just get the vaccine - you are still young enough. You are an adult and can decide for yourself. I got the shingles vaccine when I got herpes - but then I have 4 incurables and was like, hell no, not even taking a chance if I can help slow or stop it!

I talked to my gyn about the HPV vaccine at 53 - as why not? It is in trials now to see if it helps those already infected having a hard time fighting it. For now, I'll wait.


If I were in my early 20's I'd be all over the vaccine with what I know now and the FACT my body cannot fight this benign HPV that Men are not even, can't even be tested for.


I tested negative for HSV2, 1 and all other STD's, HIV, you name it in October and November of 2017. Hadn't had sex since June 2017. January 2017 I'm positive for HSV2 having what I'm told is a first BO that started in November even when testing negative and only other person that touched me was my gyn. So, who knows who or when or how or where as I too am very careful and the one guy I was dating is still clean per his blood work after I found out and we had a LOT of unprotected sex from March - late June 2017.


You'll bounce back - this I know. Just do what YOU need for Peace of Mind. Can't hurt and may prevent you from spreading to your eventual condom free partner OR partner that has HSV2 but not HPV. You HAVE to be your own advocate and driver of your personal well being and health. Ask lots of questions and ask them to many different qualified docs, clinics, message / support boards, etc.



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Hey there - felt good to see an upswing in your writing! I still have great, bad and sideways days on things going on 5 months, but in time it just starts to blend with a way of life. Now that my BO has quieted and I can have a little friction, I'm feeling more confident.


Continue to take care and check back with how things are going as you feel!

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im so relieved to read this, I also have herpes type 2 and have had it for nearly two years now. I recently got in a relationship and was open about the herpes, he later contracted the virus. As we both had it we were sleeping together unprotected. (How silly of me) a couple months later I noticed small lumps, not the same as a herpes flare up. I later find out it’s hpv. I feel so lost and disgusted in myself. And to top it all of I broke up with my ex as it wasn’t a healthy relationship. 

I’m only 21 and feel so ashamed and alone, I feel I will never find someone who will accept me and be with me, let alone want to sleep with me worried that they will risk catching not one but TWO STDS. 

I feel like I’ve ruined my life and honestly am beating myself up, I feel like I’ve made so many mistakes and regret so many choices which have led me to this. 

Its refreshing to see I’m not the only one feeling like this and not alone.

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