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HSV1 -- Does anyone have severe body aches with this?

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Hey all. So, this may jump around a tad to shed some light on my experience with HSV1 on the face so far. I was wondering if anyone else experienced the symptoms like I have and what you may have done for the pain and discomfort.


I was diagnosed by a swab that I have HSV1 under my nose about 5 weeks ago. I have been having outbreaks and severe itching on my face and whole body almost every day from the start of the prognosis. The itches that I know I can not scratch, are killing me!! My first breakout was a tiny cluster of bumps under my nose. Since then it has been a daily series of single-placed bumps and blisters in random regions of the face, but recently I noticed that are spreading down my neck and chest. The original breakout under my nose is still red and slightly raised or it just may be scarring :/ So, on top of all this, hoping that the breakouts would end soon, I am EXTREMELY sore. Like I have just worked out lifting weights, kind of sore, but even my fingers are aching. I'd like to think I'm pretty tough for a chick, but advil is not helping. I thought at first it was because typically, I am an active person and that perhaps I over-exhausted my body--pushing my limits, but the frequency now is just too much.


So, I called my doctors office yesterday and asked the nurse if she could get me something stronger and she asked if I could come in right away?! I couldn't. I had my kids with me. She then explained she wanted me to get checked for shingles and if I couldn't get in today, last minute before they closed, that if I could come in tomorrow. The sense of urgency freaked me out. I'm still confused to what's going on. I arranged an appointment with them for today, but had to cancel : / I had to stay home with my son from school who just got strep throat. There was no way I was dragging my 6-year-old and toddler to the doctor's office while I am being examined all naked like, and to top it off the chick who examines me looks like a super model, lol. Not a great self-esteem booster when you are getting check for diseases.


Has anyone experienced these side effects with HSV1 before?

Any suggestions on pain relief other than Valtrex and OTC pain killers is appreciated!



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It's your first outbreak right? Those are the worst. Most people with HSV1 get it when they are kids and don't remember the severity of it. My cousin had so many blisters that her lips looked black with scabs.


That being said, are you experiencing nerve pain? Or just soreness? Shingles is very painful, if you said "Pain" they may be thinking shingles due to that. It doesn't hurt to get checked though. The spreading part is odd and another possible reason to look into shingles. Do you have any autoimmune issues? They tend to make things worse.


I don't have any suggestions for you pain wise, but if you look through the threads you most likely could find something to treat the sores from the outside. WCSDancer has made many suggestions for pain and itching. I think alum and tea tree oil are two things. (But pls look for her thread as I am going off memory and could be wrong).

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Thanks again for your thoughts! I am going in the doctor's office today with or without the kids. So, I'll see what they say and hopefully they will have a remedy. I forgot to mention the pain to the nurse when were talking. She called me when I was in a store with lots of people around. So, it was kind of hard and ..kind of embarrassing to be talking about my symptoms. I can only imagine what the people next to me were thinking! I will certainly check for Dancer's thread, but hopefully something can be done about it today.

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When I got to the Dr's office the LPN said since I don't have a distinct rash, I do not have shingles and that she had already swabbed me for HSV1 last month that tested positive for that. I asked her for blood work to rule it out, if that's even an option, but it got brushed off. She said the pain I was experiencing does not have anything to do with HSV1 or shingles. This all started when maybe a week after I was diagnosed.

I was referred to an immune specialist to run tests :/ I have no idea what that could mean for me.

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OK. So, it is completely unrelated muscle pains. I had blood work taken at another doctor's office and the muscle aches I was feeling were not side effects of Valtrex or HSV that I thought it would be. Apparently, I have rheumatoid arthritis..at 34, but finding out this after recently being diagnosed with HSV makes me wonder if HSV can speed up other things. It's all mind blowing. I can't wait for a HSV cure! But, yeah, basically, if you don't feel your normal self always get checked out and get more professional opinions until you are satisfied.

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I'm glad that you don't have shingles. RA is an autoimmune issue which means that your outbreaks may be different than the norm since your immune system is somewhat compromised. Your nurse may not know this, but hopefully your immune specialist does. I would talk to them about it if you continue to have issues.

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