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Uti versus outbreaks


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So my first outbreak was in July and I had pain and burning with urination that I initially assumed (hoped)was a UTI. It wasn't and I was eventually ,after my persistence and negative blood work diagnosed with HSV2.


I thought I had had small times of symptoms but not nearly as bad. I take suppressive a daily


Last weekend, I had some sinus issues and sore throat....and sex with the same person I have been with. I doubled up valtrex one day


Since then I have had pain when I urinate, but haven't been able to get an appt with my PCP(nor will they let me just pee in a cup for diagnosis). I do know I am having an outbreak but the UTI symptoms are persisting. Is it worth my time and money to go to an urgent care...or is this just what I should expect my bad outbreaks to be like? AZO seems to clear up the pain and I am having some lower mid abdominal pain. And honestly, have not had any UTIs in the past so I don't know entirely what that are like, but I am urinating frequently, pain when I do (unless taking AZO) and having abdominal pain where my bladder sits.


Anyone have any thoughts. If you have initial herpatic urinary pain will you have it with your outbreaks frequently? I didn't realize this if so.



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You could go into urgent care just to see if you have the UTI. They won't be able to tell you from a urinalysis if it's a herpes outbreak, but if the urinalysis is negative then you would have a better idea of what you are dealing with.


It sounds like a UTI to me, but I've never had herpetic urinary pain so I can't say for sure. Keep us updated.

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So I did finally get into see my doctor. Turns out it was a UTI. I also did have a concurrent outbreak but the UTI was actually worse. I likely waited to long to get it treated and was having some kidney pain. Finishing up antibiotics and hoping to out both the issues behind me for a bit.

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