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Hey Guys.

I think most maybe able to relate to the ups and downs one will go through when dealing with herpes.


I am far from over it but i am having realizations and id like to share some thoughts ive been having with you guys as it may help some of you that find themselves in a dark place.


the dating game can be a rough ride, meeting the right partner and having the relationship you deserve can feel like

a ongoing struggle and as we get older the Disney movie we once dreamed of can become a distant memory.


Then along comes herpes POWWW.. it can hit us like a ton of bricks. But im hear to tell you what i know to be true

nothing has changed your journey is no different to what it was before you had herpes, it just seems that way.


A fulfilling relationship takes certain conditions and certain people to come together. We have all heard the phrase

you have to love yourself before you can love someone else.


Well that phrase is quite vague and although it sounds easy to understand lets delve into it.



What is love? is it an emotion? is it a feeling?... No love is a deep connection with the world and everything in it

and its only when we realize this truth can we begin to understand what it is to love yourself.


Only from this place do we bypass our emotions and thoughts and connect with something a lot more powerful and consistent then these petty chemicals that flow through our bodies.


To understand love is the prerequisite of a relationship with somebody else and it just so happens the way out of

herpes is loving yourself.... then from this place you come to realize you dont need anybody else and because you dont need anybody else.


you can deal with any rejection, then any rejection you do have simply becomes one step closer to finding the person who accepts you fully for who you are despite a minor skin condition that can only effect someone who does not love themself.


We live in an abundant world with over 7 billion people 500 million of them id like to add have herpes.and over 3.8 billion of them have herpes above the waist


Yes you may need to date more people to find someone on the level of love, but hey you would have to find someone on that level to have a real lasting relationship anyway!


so like i said what has changed? Nothing!!!!!.. Herpes can help you awaken and realize you dont need a relationship to be happy what you do need is to love yourself, and then and only then from that place are you ready to have a fulfilling relationship....


Go out there in the world and continue on the journey you have been on since you was born, free from rejection find the warrior inside yourself and brush any rejection off your shoulders, keep moving forward and i promise you will find the person you was always meant to be with. and when that happens you will come to love herpes because you may of never met that person without finding the warrior inside herpes came to awaken.





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