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Blood Test Results.... I See Only IGM?

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Hello Everyone...


I'm new here, and have been here for a few days, reading, reading, reading! I've already learned so many things here I never learned elsewhere. I had my first genital outbreak on November 12, and just got my blood test back. I was looking for the IGG number, but all I saw was IGM on my test results. The number was 1:18. I'm afraid I don't know what this means, and the absence of the IGG confuses me even further. I was positive for both 1&2. Can anyone shed some light for me? My deepest thanks!



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@Juliegoddess If you were not swabbed and only had an IgM test, not an IgG test, I would disregard the results as IgM tests are notoriously unreliable.


If you tested as a result of a specific exposure or symptoms, please be aware that it may take up to 16 weeks from infection to get a reliable IgG result. This is because it takes time for antibodies to build. At 16 weeks, 95% of HSV2 infections will be picked up by an IgG test. It is not as good at picking up HSV1 infections and only catches 70% of those.


In the meantime, if you experience an active outbreak, a PCR swab test would be a great option because it would provide more immediate results that would be type and location specific.

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Thank you MMissouri... That's what I thought. Now, one more question: since I'm trying to decifer (as best I can) approximately when I contacted this. Would it make sense to have an IgG test NOW, expecting a false negative, as I believe this was a recent contraction, THEN have ANOTHER IgG test in a few months, expecting a positive (obviously I know I have HSV)??


In other words, is my "strategy" a good and/or reasonable one?? Lol! Thank you, in advance.

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