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Just found out Thuraday I have HSV2

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I called my doctor for my results yesterday and still cant believe what i was told. I went to the doctor last week because i had what started out as a pimple or ingrown hair but the next day it itched and i figured i irritated myself from shaving with a dollar store razor. The next day it kept itching and looked like the pimple tured to 6 tiny blisters that i thought was a infection from working and sweating but something wasnt right and i became concerned bc in october i had a miscarriage and was diagnosed with trich something i never heard of and i never have had anything so from that point i was terrified. I got a full screening at the health department all was good. I took the meds for the trich and thought i was fine. But something told me to get the blisters checked. My doc thought it was infected ingrown hairs but took swaps and retested me for standard things and then a blood test bc she said if it was herpes they were dried up. I waited the week and called on thursday to be told my standard clamidia ect was neg. The herpe swab culter was neg but my blood test showed pos for the antibodie for genital herpes. I am so lost and sad and overwhelmed. I feel like im being pubished for something. So much has happened in a short time. Trich a miscarriage and now this. I was in a commited relationship but we broke up in may of this year and i had unprotected sex with someone else bc he told me he had sex with someone and i wanted to "get back" later he told me he said it to make me jealous and see if i still cared. Now i feel so horrible and disgusting. Im 27 with 3 kids and i acted like a little kids trying to get back and ended up with something that possibly caused my miscarriage and now herpes. My boyfriend and i got into it the day before i found out my results and now i feel all alone and dont know how to handle all this. I feel like my life is ruined and i have myself to blame. I dont know anyone w this and my ex now said we would deal with it together but i dont have him. My bestfriemd seems like she pitties me which doesnt help and my parents try to make it better but of course they r my parents. I just hope i can find some support and i thought i would be able to by talking with those who are going through the same. Any help any information i have been do research but still dont understand living with it.

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Welcome, @Copo. I was diagnosed with HSV1 & HSV2 11 months ago and I remember having the feelings you describe like it was yesterday. Fortunately, the stigma around herpes is far worse than the reality.


The reality, for me today, is that I have an annoying skin condition, but it doesn't stop me from doing any of the things I want to do. (I'll be the first to admit I'm not yet back in the dating arena because I've been healing from a divorce and focusing on me.)


Expect to have a rollercoaster of emotions for a while (including the stages of grief), and know that it's totally normal. Those first couple of months I read everything I could on herpes. Adrial has a lot of great information here at H Opp and I also highly recommend Terri Warren's book, which you can get as a Kindle version on Amazon. Getting educated with the facts on herpes really helped to remove some of the hysteria I felt.


When I found this website, I saw no chance of ever seeing my own herpes diagnosis as an opportunity for anything except pain and rejection. But now, my perspective on damn near everything looks different than it did 11 months ago. What exactly that opportunity is will look different for everyone, but I wish you comfort and peace in your own journey.


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Thank you i was joined to a group on fb and got a lot of info in just one day. Im still scared and thought today would be a good day but again out of no where became depressed and broke down. Im so thankful for these support groups though it does help more then having no one

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Be gentle with yourself. Right after the diagnosis is a pretty emotional time. Everyone's experience wil be different, but I'd break down crying--anywhere, really--at random times for several months afterward. Some days I'd feel almost normal, and other days I'd think about herpes from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep. I also told a friend early on and got the look of pity. I haven't discussed it with her since. Going back to the counselor I saw while going through my divorce helped more than anything. {hugs}

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