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I was dx the day afterChristmas with ghsv1 and oral hsv1, as well as trichomoniasis. I took the meds that were prescribed to me and everything went away. Lately it's been itchy/ almost a dry/raw feeling, so I've been taking Valacyclovir pretty much daily lately, but it hasn't completely gone away. My diet hasn't been "herpe friendly". Does the diet really make a huge impact on it? Any thoughts on what to do?

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Diet does make an impact, as does your stress levels and getting enough sleep and exercising. Think about it as your mind and body combine to create an environment within which the herpes virus is hanging out. Your immune system is what keeps the virus at bay, but anything that throws that out of whack can also leave an opening for the herpes virus to surface. But here's something else to consider: It's still super early for you and your body is getting used to this new virus. For most people, it will take around 6 months to a year for the body to build up enough antibodies to naturally suppress the virus. So, my friend, do your best to take your meds, eat well and think well, and if it's still there (and your doctor has ruled out anything else that might be happening down there for you), then the next thing to do is be patient and know that your body is working on keeping the virus at bay, but it does take some time.

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