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Please Help! Questions about Oral HSV for ladies

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Hello Everyone!


I know it's been ages since I've posted. So far life has been crazy but mostly good. For anyone new to my story I was diagnosed with HSV2 four years ago. Since then, I've regained my strength, disclosed, embraced the idea, stopped. Wong afraid of it and am in a relationship where it'll never be the focus.


Well, my world has been turned upside down again...this morning I woke up with a sore bump just at the edge of my lip. I'll be getting it swabbed tomorrow...I'm sure I know what it is. I'm just not sure which strain of the virus...but I'm stuck at square one. Feeling awful unsafe feelings. I'm not sure how I even contracted it. Unless bf has the virus dormant. Or I got it from a restaurant glass- I don't share. The only thing I've changed in my routine is my lip liners I ordered a new pack on amazon but I figure that was sterile when I received it.idk.


I'm feeling fear because I'm not sure how to wash my face now without virus spreading to the eyes and how paranoid I have to be about my make up now. I love make up and general skin care. But I'm afraid of applying foundation anywhere beneath my nose because if I ever use my beauty blender or brush ever after that I'll have virus in my eyes. Is this being paranoid? Do I need to throw away lipsticks I've used in the last week? Do I have to have separate wash rags and brushes for the bottom of my face and keep brushes from touching other brushes?


I'm blind in one eye, have been since birth and fear this virus taking away my sight: it's tsktj away some sexual courage, now my make up passion. I just don't want to lose my eyes too...:-( Amy help or suggestions welcome.

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Question: Do you think you have HSV-1 or 2 by your mouth? I'm going through the exact same thing. I transferred the virus (HSV-2) to mouth & now I'm having vision troubles :(

Be careful of wiping or touching near your eyes. I'm not sure about the transmission with the make-up brushes or beauty blender ball. You should be fine as those are inanimate objects & should not carry the virus long.

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I can understand your fear, but would like to say don't be so deserted everything will get fine soon you just need to make some efforts for your well being take help from a specialist. And if you are worried about your makeup passion, there is a trendy new tool known as sili sponge available over at this website that can be reused after cleaning this tool was recommended to me by a beautician as I have dust allergy that means blending makeup on your face won't spread virus in your eyes.

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