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im new and im unsure

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Ive been tested routinely for stds but not until recently did i find out herpes was not a test they run when doing the stds check up. I kinda figured it was a given but seems not. My sexual history is a bit seclusive but kinda had an explosion in the past few years. I had 1 partner prior to my marriage of a few years , then my divorce i had 2 partners prior to my next marriage of 10 years. After getting divorced i was like a dog let off the leash, i had several partners all of which i would have thought clean ( most with condom ).


After reading i now know clean is a term i should have never learned. 1 year ago i felt a tingling in my penis and i thought holy crap i need to be tested. I got tested and i was positive for chlamydia. I was a bit upset but it was easily treatable, and my partner got treated/tested as well. I broke up with that partner in feb of 2016 due to she was cheating on me, in july 2016 i hooked up with my childhood love. She seemed set on using condoms even though we are in our 40s ( both sterile ) , she also had what she said was an allergic reaction to latex after using them. ( prior she used lambskin ) Six months forward i got a small rash of blisters probably 8 or so on the base of my penis. I figured it was a heat rash due to a sweating issue ive had for years. A month later the same exact spot the 8 blisters occurred and i went to the doctor. My igg tests where positive 41.7 for hsv 1 and my hsv tests for hsv 2 where 8.32. I was devastated this is the love of my life did i give it to her? So i went back to my tests i had from my previous partner and it didnt show anything about hsv1 or 2. Thats when i found out they dont test for that unless symptoms are present ( are you kidding me??)


I then got to mind racing , my current partner uses paul mitchell tea tree shampoo as body wash and loves carmex lip balm. Does anyone besides me draw the same conclusion as i did? Is it possible ive had this prior to her and ive just now had an outbreak or are my suspicions more likely? Is it even possible that my hsv1 high level test messed up my hsv2 test?

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