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New GHSV-1 diagnosis - what to expect?

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I was just diagnosed in October and I was really really upsetting to me because it was contracted through a sexual assault. On top of that, my initial outbreak was horrible. It was the most pain I've ever experienced; Flu symptoms, my entire labia, urethra, and perineum were raw and had the top layer of skin peeled off. My doctor said it was the worst outbreak she's ever seen (it didn't help to hear that). I had my second outbreak in January, so about 3ish months after my first. It was almost as bad; I had flu like symptoms and couldn't wear pants for 3 days because my labia was so raw. My doctor winced when I told her and it makes me feel worse about the whole thing. I know she might be trying to be sympathetic, but it makes me feel like I'm experiencing a worse reaction to the disease than everyone else. The whole thing has been so awful and I'm not only experiencing physical symptoms that are preventing me from going to work and school, but I'm so bummed that I have it worse than others and that I had no control over being infected. My doctor wants me to go on suppression therapy with valtrex and I wonder if I should. Does anyone have any insight for me? What should I expect moving forward with this disease?

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@corlissa I'm so so sorry about your situation getting age is horrible and itself and to have it be a result of a sexual assault I cannot imagine what you are going through. I am so sorry and please know you are never judged by anyone on this website and it will be okay we will get through this!! My initial outbreak was not too bad. I did go on Valtrex and it helped tremendously I believe that help take away some of the intensity of the pain and symptoms. I have been reading that your first outbreak is the worst I have only had one. I am not on Valtrex any longer but I believe I am going to talk to my gynecologist about going back on it prophylactically that seems to reduce outbreaks and intensity of symptoms. I hope you find comfort in this post and know that you are not alone!! Anytime you want to talk feel free to email me!! This does not define us!!! I know it's a tough pill to swallow!! I'm still struggling!!! But we'll make it, you're not alone hun!!!

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Hey @corlissa, I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago after my "friend" sexually assaulted me. So. many. emotions. to. work. through.


For me personally, the best way to process anything that I'm experiencing is to discuss it with people who have gone through it or are going through what I'm going through. That is particularly difficult when the thing I'm experience is at the intersection of two highly stigmatized things in our society that people don't really openly talk about: STDs and sexual assault. Hence the reason I joined this site.


Please don't feel like it's necessary to respond but I thought you might also be looking to talk with someone who experienced something similar. Please feel free to message me if you want to vent/discuss!

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I don't have any direct experience with sexual assault as an adult, although I was molested by an older brother when I was seven. Months after I was diagnosed with herpes I gave in and went back to the therapist I used after my divorce and she did EMDR therapy with me. It's frequently used for trauma and veterans. It made a world of difference for me with my diagnosis and also processing the abuse from 35 years ago. Most people haven't heard of it, so I mention it to make people aware it exists and might help them. FWIW

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