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Getting oral with GHSV1

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I am a female. I was recently diagnosed with genital ghsv1. I have only had 1 outbreak that was very minor. It has since been 3 months, and I have not had any visable outbreaks since. I do not believe I have had any asymptomatic shedding, since reading online what it feels like (tingling/itching/etc).


I had a recent drunken hookup with a boy. we did not have sex. He did go down on me for a very very brief amount of time before I pulled him up out of fear.


Is it possible I transmitted anything to him orally?


Because HSV1 prefers the mouth area, did this increase the chances I passed it along?


Very worried.


thank you!


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Hey @newuser5374.

I'm trying to find the answer to a question similar to this as well because I have GHSV1 also. From what I can gather (there's really not many studies on transmission of GHSV1) the chance of transmission with GHSV1 is very very very low. Much lower than GHSV2 and OHSV1.


Also asymptomafic shedding is called asymptomatic because it's asymptomatic haha meaning that there are no symptoms! You will not be able to tell whether you are shedding or not but luckily the shedding rates of GHSV1 are super low. (See stats below)

Check out that link it's super helpful but in summary, yes you could have given it to this guy but because of the prevalence of HSV1 (stats are that 80% of Americans have it in their system) chances are he already would have it + someone kissing him with oral HSV1 would be way more likely to give it to him due to the much higher shedding rates ...


Genital herpes (HSV-2) = 15-30% of the time

Genital herpes (HSV-1) = 3-5% of the time

Oral herpes (HSV-1) = 9-18% of the time

Oral herpes (HSV-2) = 1% of the time (very, very rare)



I don't think you should be very concerned at all. The likelihood is so low! I freaked out because I was in a similar situation last night haha! Although I'm on antivirals as well so I don't think there is really any possibility. And I find comfort in the fact he probably already has in it his system and that someone kissing him would be way more likely to pass it on.

In reply to your other question, yes it's more likely to pass it along to the oral region than it is to the pass GHSV1 to another genital region but again, the shedding rates are so low that it's very unlikely. Just don't have sex if you have an outbreak and maybe leave 7-10 days after they've healed to be sure as well. Maybe that's a bit over the top but I'd prefer to be sure I'm doing everything I can.


Hope this puts your mind at ease.

*also just saw your other discussion post and was going to reply but think I've pretty much covered everything in my answer here. Let me know (:

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