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I'm in the middle of my first outbreak and it's been about 6 weeks. I've decided to go on suppressive therapy because the symptoms were out of control otherwise. I've had everything from the small cuts, blisters in different spots, rash, fiery itching, etc. You name, it has all happened. Now that I am taking meds, I feel much better. The only thing left is this white chalky discharge. I had my gynecologist give me a prescription for diflucan just in case it was a yeast infection but it's not helping. Does anyone else experience this discharge? Any advise on dealing with this?


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I've had herpes for around 20 years, but I didn't know it until a year ago (got tested after my divorce and my ex tested negative). In hindsight, I think I had really mild outbreaks and attributed the symptoms, like itching, to yeast infections.


I'm still trying to figure out my frequency of outbreaks. After my diagnosis, I was so stressed it was every month. Lately it's been every 6-8 weeks. I hope with time as I continue to learn to accept having it, the frequency will lessen.


I wasn't on meds all these years since I didn't know I had anything. I tried vatrex for 6 mo last year and I had constant tingling/zingers. Now I'm trying acyclovir and it's better, but I've only been on it a month so it's too soon to say if it helps with outbreaks. I don't think I'd even bother with meds, but I wanted to experiment with how I do on them so I have the option when I re-enter the dating scene.


I've been trying to pay close attention to my body this year and that's how I noticed I tend to get yeast infections and outbreaks around the same time. It's hard to say for sure, since I had an ablation last year and no longer have periods, but I'm still convinced there's a correlation to hormones!

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@HikingGirl Thank you! I'm going to try suppressive therapy for six months and then try to slowly reduce the meds until I am able to stop. It will definitely be an experiment. It has been quite the journey these first six weeks. My main concerns are long term effects on my organs and potential hair loss (things I've learned in my research). I really try not to take meds period but when it comes to my vagina, I'm such a wimp :)

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@HikingGirl @tessuhjay I think yeast infections are more common during outbreaks because (1) yeast can thrive whenever the skin is compromised, like when there are cuts or tears in the skin, and (2) hormonal changes can increase vulnerability to yeast infections. I've definitely read outbreaks often coincide with menstruation, or the hormonal changes immediately prior to menstruation. I've seen anecdotal reports of BC pills being a factor for some people for frequency of both outbreaks and yeast infections, as well. If you're currently taking birth control pills, that might be something to consider, though I don't know if the evidence is scientific or merely anecdotal. And for some people, BC pills regulate hormones, so I suppose it's possible those people might have more problems as a result of switching to some other type of contraception that does not regulate hormone levels.

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