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How long does it take to heal?


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I've been experiencing my first outbreak for the past 2 weeks going on 3 now. I'm noticing the pain/burning is subsiding and I'm itching more which I associate with healing. When I look most of it seems to be clearing up but notice there are no scabs which I read some people scab and others don't. The other thing I'm noticing is my really bad blisters arent healing at all and they are located at the frenulum, labial commissure, and perineal portion of my vagina. It looks like I got skinned in that area. My period is supposed to come this week and with this being my first OB ever, I'm scared. I heard periods can be a trigger and I just want it to heal and go away finally. Has anyone else experienced something like this, only healing partially? How long will this last?

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@Grand You may want to check out the first several pages of The Updated Herpes Handbook that provides info about primary and recurring outbreaks. https://www.westoverheights.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Updated-Herpes-Book.pdf


In answer to your specific question, it says that (1) most people don't recognize primary outbreaks, but for those who recognize primary outbreaks, which are typically more severe than recurrences, the outbreaks typically last 2-4 weeks and sometimes consist of two sets of lesions, with the second set of lesions appearing 5-7 days after the first set, and (2) for people who have recurring outbreaks, they typically last 2-10 days.

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@optimist -- thanks for the link. Just re-read this a month later after my last read, and it makes a lot more sense than RIGHT after my diagnosis.


I think I have only had one outbreak, and it was likely a HSV-2 primary outbreak as I never got HSV-1 as a child or adult. I felt REALLY lousy for around 2 weeks, and I think the tiredness and weakness lingered slightly for up to 3-4 weeks. So anyways, Terri's information on the primary seems spot on.


Why she thinks I may have Oral HSV-2 only is because it was my neck lymph nodes that swelled up, combined with my mouth/tonsil/throat symptoms and a lack of any groin lymph swelling or genital sores. My guess is she thought, if I was suffering as bad as I was "upstairs", it would be going on "downstairs" if I was there.

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