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Could it be HSV2? Any feedback is much appreciated..

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Hi everyone! I've been on here for a couple weeks and it's actually really nice to see how positive everyone is on here. I just have a few concerns, if anyone can give me some feedback I would really appreciate it.


I'll start by saying I had an encounter with a femal about a month ago, we had unprotected oral sex as well as protected vaginal sex. About two days later I woke up with a red spot on my shaft about half way down from the head of my penis. It isn't really like a pimple just kind of a red spot. Also I noticed like a ring around the head of my penis that is kind of white and really only viable when my penis is erect. I decided to go get tested two days later and my test came back positive for hsv1. I know that becuase the encounter was so close to the testing period that I've probably had hsv1 for a while. These spots haven't really progressed into big bumps with puss and haven't really bothering me. It's been like a month now and they're still there and haven't changed. BUT, a few days after getting tested I had we're tingling in my leg that felt weird and also was very futures for a couple days. They have me a shot for gohnrea and somthing else. When I came back for results the doctor gave me alycovir for 5 days but nothing really changed. I also experience random moments of heat on my foot still but it just end up going away ? The most random thing I've experienced through all this so far is I got like wartz or scabs on top of my hand, one on my finger and one on the side where the top of the hand is about to go over to the palm. Now there just red spots that look like creators. Another thing that might be a symptom is this circular red spot in the middle of my tounge. I'm made an appointment to see my dermatologist which is coming up in like 2 weeks. I have random sting short pain in the tip of my penis that lasts like not even 1 second and goes away. I'm sorry I'm all over the place with everything. Unable to get to a doctor after finishing the medication I bought lysine and started taking that out of worry and my anus started to irritate me, I think I had like a lesion or hemroid there or somthing but I stopped taking the lysine a few days ago and the irritation back there has went away. Could I have caught hsv2? Or could she have triggered my hsv1? Because I've never had anything like this happen before and I most like have had hsv1 for a while now... Any input is much appreciated . Thank you in advanced

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@optimist I have looked into it a bit, but with syphilis it causes open soars, rashes on palms and soles of feet I don't have either of those. I kind of had a red spot under my skin on my shaft and sort of a white ring around my penis under the head. A few pimples on my butt cheek and the red spot in the middle of my tounge. So I really don't know what to think anymore with all these symptoms I'm just trying to get some type of heads up before seeing the doctor in a couple weeks. Thing is with herpes when you do have an outbreak and lesions appear I've read a lot that the lesions quickly form and burst and start to crust over.. these have been here for about a month and have no changed... so I'm lost honestly

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