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Nerve pain


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I was diagnosed about a month ago hsv2. My question is has anyone experienced burning sensations in the upper body? I also have numbness in my hands and feet. On occasion burning sensations. I take acyclovir as episodeic therapy. I also take daily supplements. Does this go away?

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Yes, I have the burning sensations in my upper back and on my arms. My dr told me it had nothing to do with herpes but now I see other people have the same thing so maybe it does. She told me it was because of anexity. My head often hurts but no ringing in the ears.

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I have the burning sensation on my upper body too. Face, shoulders, arms, upper back, etc. The area also turns slightly red. I am on Valtrex 500mg twice a day and it helps a little bit. Also started anxiety meds a little over a month ago. But not much changed. It's a little better, but has not gone away. :( Been dealing with this mess for 7 month now.

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I have Burning Sensations all over my body. There is literally no single area where I do not experience this Burning nerve pain open.

@Becca24why did you ask about ringing in the ears? I do have this and actually my problem progressed to endolymphatic hydrops if you're familiar with the term.

My burning symptoms come and go. I just hope it won't mess up the nerves where this becomes permanent. 

Ibuprofen sometimes help. 


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Just like all of you I had the burning sensation, pinning sensation, odd rashes and pain all over my body, including joint pain. I am sure they were related to H since I never had any of those symptoms before. One thing to notice is that stress makes it much worse and exercise, breathing and overall rest and properly dealing with stress makes it almost unnoticeable. Literally no medicine, vitamin or supplement will work its magic unless you get a hold on your mind...at least that´s what I´ve noticed. Other than that melissa has really helped with the nerve pain and vitamin b is really helpful too.

Hope these help! 

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