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Herpes test results accurate? Please answer me. So worried

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I had sex without candom. Five months and 22 days post exposure I tested for STDs and came all negative except HSV 1 positive with 7

The results are as below

HSV 1/2 igm positive 2.4

HSV 1/2 igg positive 22

HSV1 igg positive. 7

HSV2 igg negative 0.11


The doctor said results are accurate at this time and no further tests are required. He also said that I need to ignore igm tests as they aren't reliable. plus he added that I have herpes 1 nd this is normal as most of ppl have it and I might got infected when i was a child. so he didn't pay me more attention


Is my result accurate at this time? 5month and 22 days post exposure?

Is herpes 1 really of no importance? nd common among ppl?


plz andwer me

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Hi! I'm not an expert, just recently diagnosed and only been on the forum for about 48 hrs.


Um, I don't know how to read those tests. I'm assuming that the doc is saying that since you have the antibodies you have been exposed at some point. My understanding is that if you get symptoms, they will crop up with the week range after acquiring it.


Apparently it is common, I'm not sure it is of no importance.


Hope this helps.

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Estimates are that 50-90% of American adults have oral HSV1. It's extremely common. Only about a third of people who have oral HSV1 experience cold sores.


As for HSV2, it takes time for your body to produce antibodies to the virus after exposure, which is what the blood test measures. After about 4 months, the blood tests will pick up antibodies in virtually anyone that has them. It's true that IgM tests are unreliable. IgG is the recommended blood test. So yes, it looks like your results are accurate.

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Yes 3 days after exposure i had flu-like symptoms nd immediately went to the hospital, they took a swap nd results came back positive (Flu virus)

but no itches no blisters


5 months and 22 days after i did the test and was informed all came back negative except hsv 1


but now im afriad whether my hsv2 results are reliable at that time or should i take another test?

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Do your best to take peace in the results and move past the anxiety.


5 months and 22 days is a very good amount of time for you to have produced antibodies. I am pretty sure I produced an IgG 10.5 result for HSV-2 after 2 months time...


It's also great that your flu symptoms were indeed the flu.


But even if you had HSV-2, it isn't the end of the world, I promise.

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@Nadia -- sure, you're welcome. Use herpes as an opportunity to improve your immune system which will mean less or maybe no outbreaks, and just a healthier life in general. There are tons of natural supplements and foods to help with this. If you have any specific questions, I am happy to help.

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@Kbh -- I kind of rotate things, but in general I take moringa for a multi, fish/krill oil, turmeric, vit c, vit d, sometimes lysine, sometimes zinc. I also take oregano oil, colloidal silver, and neem/andrographis for immune support when needed. I also really like raw apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and nutritional yeast, more on foods though. I know I am forgetting stuff, but this is the jist.


I am going to begin monolaurin and herpes nosodes (homeopathy, very studied in Europe) soon as a replacement for anti-virals as I don't want to use them as there is evidence it causes your immune system to slack.

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Since you are talking about test results I need to ask if this is right or kinda of fishy cause I always wondered about.it. When I had my 1st outbreak, I was in such pain I didn't know that they tested me for herpes, I just thought it was more then likely a yeast infection. The nurse said she found some bacteria and here is some medience for it. When I called back about a question on it, they said that they are waiting for one more test to come back and when I asked what kind of test, the nurse was a little hesitant to answer then she, rather rudely said, herpes. I was shocked cause there was no way. When they told me I had it, I demanded a retest which I think they talked me out of which was easy for them since I was so upset and in shock. When I asked them why they would test for that they said they saw a lesion. Does that sound right that they never told me that they were testing for that? In fact, they never told me the numbers since they claim they saw a lesion. It was then.they have me valterx to take. Before the results I was taking some sort of bacteria medience.

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In fact. I never got retested cause I have been, in the last 9 months working on me and building a stronger self image. I have been working on forgiving myself for the wrong choices I have made in my life and remembering what makes, me. But I still wonder about it.

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