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Vaginal Changes

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I was diagnosed with herpes in January and my body has been going through a series of changes. I've been on suppressive therapy since February and I wanted to find out if some of my vaginal issues were due to herpes or the Valtrex I'm taking daily. I currently have a light white chalky discharge and find it extremely irritating to shave or have sexual intercourse. It's like I have constant razor burn wherever I have hair, even when I don't sustain from shaving. Having hair there also irritates my skin now. I've also noticed that the texture of skin in my vaginal area has become more rough and dry. I don't have a yeast infection so this would not be the reason. Does anyone have any advice on these symptoms? I've looked online and I can't seem to find anything detailed.

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Male and been having severe razor burn as well. My doc said because the immune system is down it is easier to aggravate the skin and harder for the body to fight off the natural bacteria on it. IDK if that is true, if that is just in my case, or what, but I never had the issue shaving I've had the past month and half previously.


I've also avoided washing that area as much and less lotion until everything heals so that probably plays a part as well.

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@johnjay and @surfsup Thank you for the feedback! I have definitely been using coconut oil as well as tamanu oil & teatree oil. Keeping the area clean is definitely helpful as long as I moisturize with oil afterwards. So, I'm assuming this is just a part of having herpes? Through more of my research last night, it does show that Valtrex can cause rashes in some people but it didn't give any details as to what type of rash. Are either of you on antivirals? How long have you lived with herpes? From what I've been reading, it seems harder for men to contract the virus and the symptoms don't seem to be as severe. I'm mostly asking for information for my future partners. I want to try to understand the virus and it's affects as much as possible so someone can make an informed decision about the risk. Again, thank you for your feedback!

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To my knowledge, all I have is oral HSV1, which I just acquired end of Jan. More sores are nearly healed, and I was on antivirals for two weeks. The biggest issue is that I have been unable to shave. I tried twice, and got nasty razor burn around my mouth and chin and some inflammation between my nose and mouth. I am on antibiotics since it was so bad, and hopefully I can clear it up and shave on Sunday for Monday.


My biggest concern is that I contracted something genitally and don't know, but the more I read that seems unlikely and typical of those that have never been exposed to either version of it.


I'm actually checking out of relationships for a bit after this one. My panicky reaction to all this and the requesting additional testing kinda ruined it all. She had previously been tested, and culturally a cold sore wasn't a big deal to her and she hadn't one in years and didn't know she could give it without it being there. I think it was an unfortunate set of circumstances that gave it to me, but the whole thing put such a strain on it that I think unfortunately it is dead in the water.


As far as future relationships, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't want to give it to someone orally, and I definitely am uncomfortable with the idea of giving oral sex now because it could transfer there. Plus, the shedding even with no visible signs makes me freak out (which is a bit of an overreaction on my part admittedly).

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Tea tree oil is awesome!


I'm in a little bit of a weird situation as I am pretty sure I am a rare one with Oral HSV-2. I learned I had it in January 2017 and I think I got it from sex in November 2016, but other than what I think was the initial outbreak (badass flu/strep throat feeling), it hasn't caused me issues other than occasional headaches (if it's even the cause of the headaches).


I am not on anti-virals, mainly due to my bias towards natural treatments.

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