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Dealing with First Outbreak :(

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Hi everyone,


I am a 20 something female that is totally blown away about these test results. HSV-1 affected genitals. First of all, as a virgin, I never expected to be dealing with a diagnosis like this. (I really did not know the threats that oral had in regards to STIs).


I went in to the clinic for testing to a doctor of family medicne, and she told me that I was extremely red, inflammed, and swollen down there, and according to her, that's not typically a symptom of the first outbreak. However I tested negative for Yeast and Bacterial infections. It hurts to walk, sit, move, urinating is unbearable.


Also, she said my recent bout with the flu was unrelated. After research, I'm beginning to think my spike in fever, nausea, dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, and sore throat may all be correlated with this first outbreak. I also now have cancer sores all over the inside of my mouth.


Does anyone have real life experience with these symptoms, that can verify everything is connected to this first outbreak? I am totally miserable and at a very low place emotionally. I am currently taking probiotics, a turmeric summplement, vitamin D and C, L-Lysine, and Monolaurin and Zinc. I ordered Olive Leaf Extract and Colloidal Silver as well.


Does anyone have any non-drug remedies to calm these angry blisters? I did try tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar, both absolutely irritated the area much worse and caused reaction.


Thank you all for your time and input.

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Baths with Epsom salts aided me. I used a bottle of water to rinse myself after urinating to help with that pain. Keep watching the videos here, and reading the forum.


It's going to be okay. I'm off to bed for an early day tomorrow, but I remember waiting for an answer here! Mostly just relax as much as one can when you are hurting...and treat yourself well. You are in the right place on this site. There are many here who can help with the swirling questions that you are experiencing. "It is just a skin rash" is my favorite comment here. Be good to yourself.

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