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Hsv1 & hsv2

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Two years ago I found out my ex gave me hsv1 when I discovered a lesion on my genital area. A week ago I had unprotected sex after a night of drinking with a new partner. And I am now having the same symptoms I had during my first outbreak. Except this time it's on my other labia. So my questions are:


how likely is it to get hsv1 and hsv2 in the same area? How long should I wait before testing for accurate blood work? Will the lesions always occur on the same spot?


I got blood work done the first week of march, and hsv1 was of course present but hsv2 was not. I went to my obgyn today who did a swab on the lesion but informed me it would most likely come back negative since it wasn't an open sore and no fluids were leaking. The lesion looks just like the one from my first hsv1 outbreak. If my swab comes back negative, how long should I wait for accurate results of blood testing? My concern is the possibility of having both Hsv1 and 2 in my genital area. Or could this all just be my second hsv1 outbreak...

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I was diagnosed with genital HSV1 two years ago after being with my ex-boyfriend. Met a new guy a year later where I had never had any symptoms after the first outbreak a year before. After seeing each for about a month I had a terrible outbreak again and I went to the doctor and had it swapped - it came back as HSV2!!!! The odds are small but it can happen. I would go get it swapped/have blood work done if I were you. You just never know. Message me if you want to know more. Getting over the fact that you have GHSV1 at first is terrible, but then learning you have HSV2 is just the worst pain ever. But it get's better. I hope for you that you still "only" have the HSV1 virus.



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Hello, I am a 42 year old female. I was recently diagnosed Dec 2016 with HSV1 & HSV2. I have had 3 outbreaks (currently having one) in the past 4 months. The first two were only one small painful bump and my current OB is 4 little blisters. All of the sores during my OB appeared on the outside of my labia, not inside. I was told that the virus usually takes the same path and it seems to be true in my case as the bumps were near the same place as the last OB.

Because I have both 1 & 2 I was wondering if HSV1 poses as a different variation of a sore than HSV2. Does HSV1 tend to be more "blister like" and HSV2 look more like a bump or lesion? or vise versa? or is there no way of knowing which strain is actually giving you the OB at the time? can they occur at the same time? or is it only one or the other?

I am having my third OB right now and although it isn't pleasant, it is tolerable. I started on Valtrex immediately (2000 a day for 14 days) and it does seem to subside the symptoms. I am going to continue on a 500mg daily as supressive therapy. Also, taking L- Lysine (1000 a day). Other than that, I plan to live my life as normal. I will drink my 1 cup of coffee in the morning and have my occasional glass of wine after work.

There are so many conflicting things on the internet that I am reading...can anyone recommend a legit FAQ site or forum of docs? I also would like to find someone my age to discuss symptoms, triggers, etc.

I have many questions regarding sex and oral sex as well. I am currently in a relationship and my partner is negative. We would like to keep it that way, but he knows the risks. Yes, I found love with herpes for those who are doubtful...it's out there, and I have both types! I wonder if I am to give him oral (with no OB) is he still at risk from viral shedding? My HSV1 is genital. Can I still get a cold sore or is it going to stay where the original OB occurred on my genitals? If my partner does end up getting HSV1 from me and I give him oral, can I get a sore in my mouth if I already have it on my genitals? I understand it likes to stay with the original host but is there a chance I could transfer it to my mouth? So may questions and so many conflicting answers out there.

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I've had HSV1 for 14 years and in 2015 swabbed tested for HSV2 now. My igg blood tests have always said I only have HSV1. I've had these tests done almost 2 years since that first known HSV2 outbreak but I'm still negative - but I've had 3 outbreaks in 18 months now compared to one in about 10 years with HSV1.


Is the igg blood test accurate?

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