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New confirmation of 1 & 2

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Going in today for an appointment to discuss treatment options. Anything I need to ask? I figure I'll get medication to help. Is there one that is better if you have both? My partner was told he was negative, but was called back today. Don't know if it is about his tests or not. So I don't know if we will have to use caution and condoms, or what...obviously I would like to keep him free if it, but since I JUST had the fever and first outbreak, I'm sure it's from him and that test was wrong.


Anyway, what should I ask the doctor? They were acting like I didn't have it once the symptoms were clear...I knew otherwise. I don't think they are too good about information, so I wondered if there was something I needed to know to assist me in my future. I'm past childbirth, so not worried about that! And my partner is a good man who is probably asymptomatic, and has been very good during this journey, so I feel like I won't have to deal with a breakup or issues there thank goodness. No more stress than what I have now, please! (Mom of a teenager, he gives me plenty!) Anythng about my kid, now that I think of it?


Thanks in advance,



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Wait, the test was an igm with hsv 1 titer at 1:8 and 2 at 1:16. But it says also that it "may represent cross-reactivity hsv antibodies rather than exposure to both 1 & 2." Should I get another test to find out which one or both, or is this sufficient to say both? What is that test called?

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@K123 I've seen many people on here, including Adrial, saying that IgM is notoriously inaccurate (but I think it's supposed to be good for detecting recent infections... Maybe someone else will come along and give you better info). If someone isn't able to get the Western Blot, which is the best test for HSV, then IgG is suggested. From what I've read here, IgG testing picks up the antibodies at about 16 weeks after infection.

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Yes, I'm going to talk to some nurse friends who work in an STI program. We have found out that my SO has 2, so I figure I do have that at least. I'd like to know if we need to worry about this 1, as he isn't showing that. I've never had an oral outbreak with a rash of any kind. These tests are not covered by my insurance now and the out of pocket costs are outrageous.

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@K123 I'm not sure I'm fully understanding your post, but if your partner has HSV2, it's my understanding he should not need to worry about contracting HSV1, even if he doesn't have it yet. HSV2 is believed to largely protect against future HSV1 infections (the opposite is not true, however).

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If that is indeed true, I'm feeling much relieved!


(Ok, here's what I'm mostly concerned about: if I am contagious if I do oral on him. I've never had an oral outbreak that I know of, but I never had type 2 before either, and it's a low viral #, so I'm an obvious new case per my dr. Thus I expect I may see some other symptoms someday.) I'm really confused about the report. The dr says it's both, but the report says it could be false. I wish they could be less confusing!


We both enjoy our sex life so much and this has certainly thrown a towel into it! I just want to be sure we play safe. I am so thankful for this man and want to return to our "new normal" soon, and safely.

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