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(Ladies) can you get in the ocean during an outbreak?(first outbreak) or a swimming pool

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So I just found out I have herpes. The test results haven't came back yet but I've done so much research and the doc said that is what it looks like, plus my boyfriend had it first and then I got it . But neither one of us has never had any other sexual partner so we don't have any idea how this happened! I'm only 16. It is very bad bc this is my first outbreak and I didn't go to the dr for about 5 days. They gave me pills but no ointment and the lady was kind of rude and not helpful about how to deal with the agonizing pain of using the bathroom. I know about pouring water on it but that isn't always an option . I am on vacation with my grandparents at the ocean and they are going to wonder why I'm not getting in the water or why I'm spending at least 15 minutes in the bathroom at a time. Can I get in the water or will it hurt really bad or make it worse? There's a regular pool here too if that would be better. I am super depressed and I just had a miscarriage a few months ago and now this.. and I really don't understand why or how this happened to me.. anything related to my questions will help. Thanks..

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Well, first of all you need to find out which type of H you have. It sounds like you may have hvs1 only because it sounds as though neither of you have ever had an ob and have never had another sexual partner. Has he ever had a cold sore? If so and he performed oral sex on you it's possible he shed the virus from his mouth to your genital area. This is just my guess. It's fine to go swimming, it may be painful, but it's ok to do so. You won't spred virus this way.

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Katidid, he had mono a few weeks ago and then he got a blister thing on his tounge which we thought was just from the mono but it probably was the herpes.. I'm going to guess it's type 1 too.. if it hurts alot should I get out? If it will help it heal then I want to try it.. most of my sores have already had the fluid stuff come out and it's trying to heal up now( most of it) I looked it up and a few different places said salt water and chlorine both would help dry it out but my dr said it wouldn't make a difference.. she also didn't seem to know much about the subject but she obviously knows more than I do.. also I haven't been using soap down there just water. I don't want it to get infected but what should I use?


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It won't get infected! It will dry up on it's own in about 10 days max...ocean shouldn't really hurt anything. Likely salt water will help dry it faster. I would suggest anti viral meds on a daily basis to stop the outbreaks. Live life and have fun!!

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