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Herpes near eye-how to deal

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Hey everyone! So I contracted herpes from someone's cold sore in October of 2026. What a shitty year! I was drunk and let one of my "friends" kiss me. I then asked him what was worn with his lips and he said they were "chapped". I then saw his face in the light. That fucker had an open oozing sore. I immediately freaked out but didn't know what herpes looked like. I drunkenly stumbled to the bathroom, and tried washing my face but that didn't really do anything obviously bc now I am here living that herpeslife.


My first outbreak consisted of a tiny hard/ stubborn and foreign feeing pimple. I was obviously freaked out, but it went away and my friend said he was tested for herpes and that his results came back negative and it was fine. FUCKING IDIOT.


Flash forward I actually became stressed in December when going home to visit my family for the holiday (figures). And this is when I realized I had herpes. I have had a panic attack for the last three months and have had constant prodrome for the last three months. It's spread t various places on both sides of my cheek and pretty much on the right side of my face completely. I take lysine three times a day on as much of an empty stomach as possible, I eat red marine algae and started taking a multi vitamin. I take acolyvir three times a day and yesterday I said fuck it and did it four times @400 mg.


My body is clearly not fighting this off and I don't know what to do it stressed me out and puts me into a cycle of fear and anxiety. I even have a sore of my forehead. If I could just get it down to a few sores on my lips every once in awhile I would give up anything I own. I am constantly afraid of getting it inside my eye. Right now it's just in the corner but why is it spreading?!!! I never even touch my face. I use only a tips, and now I even have this shit on my hands!!


I'm suicidal at this point. I started dating someone and have barely even kissed, he didn't care bc his mom used to get cold sores and he's been the absolute angel sent from the heavens over this, but he's diabetic and I would never want to give this to him. I had to call it off. I can't be in a relationship with anyone till this gets resolved, but luckily he still Dor some reason wants me in his life and we are keeping in touch.



My question to everyone here, is how the hell do I continue with my life without wanting to kill myself after this virus has taken over my body. Essentially I've been in my primary outbreak for 3-4 months and it just keeps spreading. How am I supposed to ever wash my face again without this spreading?!!!


Anyone who has herpes near the eye, on the cheek, or on the hands please please give me insipriatikmnas to how my life can continue. I literally wear rubber gloves or winter gloves to prevent further contamination to other areas of my body. Pretty sure the virus is active genitally as well bc I had painful pulsing there a few times but no blisters to my knowledge.. I have HSV-1 so I'm not worried about it genitally. It's absolutely painful there, that I could already tell, but spreading it to below the belt seems much more do-able in terms of self acceptance than continuously getting outbreaks above my lip.


Help. Help. For the love of everything you enjoy please help. I'm being a little silly bc I know you all know how I feel. But the truth is im deeply wrecked. Also wondering anyone's experience with depression medication and herpes? I can't imagine continuing life without depression medication at this point.



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I am so sorry you are going through this. It can take a while for the body to get use to HSV (no matter which type). Usually the first year is always the worst!! I have HSV2 and have never had a cold sore above my waist, but I've been on suppressive medication which has helped my outbreaks a lot! You should go to the doctor and hear about the possibilities. Be demanding and do your homework beforehand since most doctors do not think HSV is a big thing. I took Acyclovir, 400 mg two times a day. I had 0 OB's when I was on the meds. I've just recently gotten off them because I want my body to fight this naturally, but when I was really down about my HSV status I took them to keep the OB's away until I was feeling a bit better mentally.

Hope this may help you! Remember that it will get better. *Most* people with HSV1 get's very few OB's each year and your body is still coping with this new virus.


All the best, Tina

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