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What are your symptoms?

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I was wondering if any other men(or women) could share their initial outbreak and recurrent symptoms with me? I've gone around 3 months now with itching that's feels like my penis has been rubbed in fiberglass as well as pain in my urethra. No blisters up to now, although today I have something that looks like a pimple. Has anyone had persistent symptoms like these?

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I never had a primary outbreak. I contracted HSV2 about 20 years ago, although I didn't find out I had it until last year (my ex-husband tested negative, which is how I know I contracted it so long ago). My primary symptom is itching. Occasionally prodrome tingling. Sometimes I'll have just the slightest bit of redness in the fold of my labia that stings slightly when I spray it with the shower head. Rarely it's very red (instead of barely more red than usual) and stings a little more. Last fall I had my first and so far only single raised bump.


My outbreaks, in hindsight and from really paying attention in the past year, seem to be tied to my hormones. It's common for me to get a very mild yeast infection and some HSV itching most months. Acyclovir has reduced my already mild symptoms significantly. Sometimes I'll apply diluted tea tree oil in the morning to help with itching and I'm good for the remainder of the day.

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I think I've touched insulation maybe once in my life, so hard to say. :-) Doesn't detract from my quality of life one iota. If itching is bothersome for you, I freaking love tea tree oil. It must be diluted! I usually wet a cotton square, add a couple of drops of tea tree oil from a health food store or Amazon, and apply. Some people also add it to coconut oil. You're only using a couple of drops, so I promise you won't smell like tea tree oil all day!

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Can you quickly go rub yourself in some insulation for me so we're on the same page? But seriously, thank you for the advice. It's been a living nightmare for the last few months so any advice is much appreciated!

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I had trouble with itching for my first outbreak. I ended up going commando whenever possible and wearing loose fitting clothing. I tried the hair dryer in cool which helped somewhat. I did try some ice over cloth when it got really itchy which helped for a few minutes. I'm still having some random tingling without any visible symptoms. It seems to come and go but I wonder if it's okay to have protected sex with those on and off symptoms of random tingling.

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