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Somewhat new boyfriend accidentally gave me HV1...

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I started dating new guy, and things were going great. One day he said he got sunburned, he spent the night, woke up with a blister on his face. The next week I had full on flu symptoms, two cold sores, and had two small lesions (luckily weren't very painful) downstairs that tested positive for HV1. I've only had two other partners, and I've never even had a cold sore or anything like this, so I'm assuming he gave it to me.


I feel like there's so much conflicting information being given to me by doctors and research online. I told him, and he was very supportive, and we're still together. I'm just wondering if anyone has information about how at risk he would be for developing genital hv1 (since he already has the virus) if we sleep together again (with/without suppressive treatment or condoms). Also, should I be worried about kissing if one of us has a cold sore? Can I then develop a new spot, or do they only form when my body has an outbreak? I've heard it's kind of rare to have an initial outbreak in two different locations at the same time- does this mean anything for where I'm likely to get OB's in the future. Also if anyone has any input on how to handle the relationship aspect of this, would truly appreciate any input. I know these are probably such basic questions, but I feel so overwhelmed and freaked out.

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hi sbrown! I have oHSV1, which I just acquired about a month ago. My understanding (I'm not a medical person, and this is just form what I now recently gathered myself) is that once you have the antibodies, the risk is very low of acquiring it genitally. However, I believe this takes months, 4-6 if I remember correctly.


Once you have the antibodies I think it is pretty safe, though I'd think open sores would be the highest risks even w/ the antibodies.


I've also read genital to genital transmission is very low of hsv1, but there also aren't a lot of studies on it either.

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