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Positive herpes blood test but negative swab test? (G-HSV1)

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Last week I went and got tested for herpes(1&2) because I was having symptoms in the vaginal area. It started as one sore/itchy bump that looked like a pimple, then over the next few days progressed into a few smaller, almost microscopic bumps that looked like tiny water blisters. The area was red, irritated, and sore to touch.


So they took a swab of the area and a blood test. Yesterday they called saying the swab came back negative, but the blood test came back positive for hsv1 (oral herpes).


I don't understand this because my symptoms were vaginal, and I've never in my life had any oral symptoms or never had cold sores. Also, how is it that the blood was positive, but the swab they took directly from the sore was negative? I'm going back in today because they want to run more blood tests. Could anyone give some insight on how this is possible or how it works?

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I've had GHSV for 30 years now. In the early days I had three different outbreaks swabbed and they all came back negative. After the last one the doctor told me 30% of HSV cases will not test positive from a swab. I was in the military at the time and they did not do blood tests for it at the time. I finally had one done in 2014 and it came back positive for HSV2. No surprise, but it was good to have a definitive result.


Its possible you've been an asymptomatic carrier for a long time. It takes about four months for antibodies to reach detectable levels after infection. Herpes is tricky and doesn't play by any set rules. This could be an GHSV1 infection. You may have recently gotten an HSV2 infection. If it has been under four months it may not be detectable yet.


http://supporttruthanddialog.com/ This blog has lots of useful information. It is written by WCSDancer2010.

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