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Think I am actually 1 step before "Just found out I have herpes"

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Hi everyone I would appreciate your time as I am full of questions... 10 years ago, I was mishandled by a dental office and got a new HSV1 infection near my back molars, which turned into a 6 month sore throat. By the time it was properly diagnosed, the window of opportunity to prove that it was a new infection caused by this dentist was past. This took me completely by surprise because I had heard that the majority of people carry HSV1 but only some have symptoms, so I had assumed all the years prior that I was an asymptomatic carrier. Turns out I never had it and when I did get it, I was not asymptomatic at all. I now get periodic outbreaks of painful herpes sores in my throat when my health is run down, but nothing like that 1st outbreak so I pretty much stopped thinking about it.

Now for about 3 years, I have been dealing with an undiagnosed vulvar / vaginal issue which shows up periodically, and frequently enough that it is a MAJOR quality of life issue. I am starting to suspect I transferred HSV1 from my mouth to genitals probably during sex (I am married / monogamous and my husband is asymptomatic). Everything else has been ruled out: I have had cultures done, biopsies taken... And what good would a blood test for HSV1 do, when I already know I have HSV1? The question is, do I have it on my genitals...Is there a test specific for that?

I have NO BLISTERS on my genitals, and no pain. I did have one single painful spot which could have been a blister or lesion, once, during a single one of the many outbreaks I have had. What I do have is severe itch in the absence of any medical explanation. It feels like a yeast infection or BV, but it is not. It is miserable and life altering. One Gynecologist (who I saw once for a 2nd opinion and really disliked, so never saw again), said I had tiny lateral cuts on the vulva area which can be seen in herpes.

So my question to those with a lot more knowledge and experience is: Can genital HSV1 present this way, all itch with no blisters or pain? Is there any way to find out definitively if this is what is going on, even though I know I will have a positive blood test for HSV1? Finally, if this is herpes, how do I reduce the frequency and severity so that my quality of life improves? That last question is most important to me. I don't need a formal diagnosis to try some non medical things - lifestyle changes and/or naturopathy - which have worked for y'all and see if they work for me. But, I am seeing my doctor for a regular check up in two days and would also like to know if I should be asking for specific tests and/or drugs.


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I have very mild yeast like symptoms...no blisters or cuts or anything just sometimes red and irritated...I use coconut oil and it works really well! I also take lysine, vitamin c, oil of oregano and olive leaf supplements (I haven't had any outbreaks so idk if it's working)...but in my head it is! I've also heard epson salt baths are good, desitin diaper rash cream, diluted tea tree oil (be careful it can burn)...

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