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VENTING...Herpes/ New Relationship

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Hello,(Please dont judge me. I just want to be honest)

I am 25 years old. I am going to be completely honest here.. I have always been a bit promiscuous. As i have struggled with self love, knowing my worth and also dealing with an extreme sex drive. at 25, i will say i have had just about 24 sex partners, 3 being women. last time i tested negative for HSV1 OR HSV2 was 2014.. So i count back. Since 2014, ive slept with 8 guys and 2 girls. I recently went to the doctor(March 21st) and everything comes back clean except I found out i have HSV2. I really cant even be mad considering how frisky I have been. I know it probably could have been something worse. However I am angry that All my life (since ive been old enough to date) i wanted the fairytale love that every girl longs for. I never met him.. UNTIL NOW. I reconnected with an old friend who works out of town. we have been talking every day and have discussed everything up under the sun. Realizing that "soul mates" might really exist., I KNOWW HE IS THE ONE and We haven't been intimate yet... Thats how i know lol! I have NEVER had a emotional connection with someone when sex wasnt involved. and this time around im finally doing things the right way. Although he works out of town. I have drove 7 hours to see him, and vice versa, and he is the perfect gentlemen..This weekend he is coming here and i am certain things might escalate and turn sexual. I am really struggling with telling him i have HSV2 because i dont want to lose him,. I know he is the one for me. I just know it and i am afraid that if i tell him he might not be happy about it. i dont want to wait until after we have sex and then tell him, thats wrong. but i also dont want to not tell him at all. Im conflicted here. any advice would help..

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Make sure you tell him BEFORE any sexual activity! Don't get caught up in the moment! You'll feel SO guilty and it'll make matters worse if you don't disclose! Research, get educated and try not to make it sound worse than what it is, he'll freak out if you freak out! Good luck!



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