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Antibodies VS Suppressants

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Everytime I get off my suppressants I have a full on outbreak or I notice the bumps and I end up back on the pills. I read online about antibodies and building them up it helps you have less break outs.


Has anyone stopped taking their suppressants so your body can build up antibodies? At this point I'm willing to try anything or take suggestions. I'm scared to date or to have sexual relations with someone. I met a really nice guy and the thought about dating this guy brings a smile to my face. I haven't told him that I have genital herpes I'm scared to and embarrassed with myself for having this.


Please help, share stores, or give advise.

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Hi SS316,

I was on suppressive for 5 months which was amazing, had no OB's at all. But I didn't like being on it, just the idea that I "needed" the medication and I really wanted to let my body figure this virus out on it's own. So now I've been off the medication for about 8 months and honestly... I've had like 7 OB's. Small ones but still terrible - mostly psychologically though. I do take medication when there's an OB just because it shortens it a lot!

I do believe that your body is better off just learning how to deal with this on it's own. I do not know if it's true that the body "gets used" to the meds or "gets lazy" and then can't fight off the virus itself. Might be true. I didn't get an OB after I stopped the meds because I went off slowly, from 2 pills a day to one pill a day for two weeks, to one pill every second day for another week and so on..


My bf has genital herpes too so I don't have to worry about transmission which helps my situation a lot. If you are having sex with someone who is -H, you should probably talk to him about transmission with/without meds and condoms. If you don't plan on having sex anytime soon I would go off the meds just to let your body work it out.


Hope this helps. Wish you all the best,


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HMM new to group and have a question re meds....I began valtrex but within 3 days broke out in hives etc, still miserable, but since I am allergic there is no other suppressent to use? I am worried cause I dont want an outbreak without having help to shorten it, this is new to me since I never knew I had herpes til last week when I had an outbreak..thanks for any help you can give me so I might be able to help doctor help me

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You can try natural supplements!! Lysine, vitamin D, Vitamin B, red marine algae, oil of oregano etc. (all supplements) and for external use I like coconut oil and Manuka honey! :) you may research the supplements and figure out if it's something that you'd want to try! I'm just big on natural remedies...totally up to you! But if you go medication route then acyclovir is another common medication!

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