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Not sure if this is herpes! Any suggestions?

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Hello everyone, I have a little bit of a story so I would love it if anyone could give me some suggestions.


I had a new partner at the start of the year in January. I developed a slight fever and cold (I attributed it to the cold weather that we were experiencing) and I did not have any herpes symptoms. We used protection at first and then later did not after talking about having been tested for stds. I had a pap smear in Nov and an std test which came back negative.


Then, at the end of January after my period, we had unprotected sex and the day after my vagina was irritated and red. It did not burn to pee but was itchy and inflamed and I had some discharge. I went to an urgent care and the dr. said that it looked like a yeast infection (no sores or any other lesions). He gave me a weeks worth of fluconazle and took a culture. A week later I get the results that it is not a yeast infection but BV (by then I didnt have much irritation but I took the medication he gave me) and gave me difucan.


I was fine for around two weeks until I developed a red rash on my perineum and the entrance to my vagina. This happened after I had worn a pantyliner all day and slept with it (very bad mistake). Since then I went to my mother's gyno and she said that it looked like an allergy and that I should be fine. It healed up a bit and then I went back to college and it flared up again. I called the gyno and she gave me a weeks treatment of terconazle and I used that while I was on my period. I used pads which didnt really help with the irritation. Then, after a week of that, I used a diluted apple cider vinegar solution on the rash and it went away.


At this point I started to notice that when I used the toilet paper at work, the rash would return and this time I had a slight "tear" on my perineum. It did not really look like a a deep cut, more like the skin had peeled. I stopped using this toilet paper and switched to the one I have always used at home. The cut healed in about two days but the red irritation remained and then went back down.


I went to another gyno and showed her pictures ect. I asked her about the possibility of herpes and she said it was super unlikely because of how quickly the raw areas were healing themselves. After the visit it started to get better and I also went back to using my VS no show thongs. After a week of wearing those, I again had the rash and it was marked mostly on where the thong rubs up against my skin.


So, after two months of this back and forth I am thinking of going to get a blood test done tomorrow. I do no have, and have never had, any blister or anything that looks like a herpes sore on my genital area. It has never burned or hurt to pee. The only symptoms I have is dryish, red, irritated skin.


Has anyone has similar symptoms associated with herpes? I am just beyond desperate to get an answer. My last sexual contact was early February and I have just about had it with this persistent rash. At first it seemed like a yeast rash, then an allergic reaction , but at the moment I am not sure what else to do.

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If I was exposed to it in early January, and I do not have any lesions to swab, is it worth it for me to go get tested tomorrow? I may have been exposed before but I have never really had these symptoms until know.

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