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Genital HSV2 infection after Genital HSV1

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I contracted HSV1 genital in 2002 and the first outbreak was severe causing me to be hospitalised where swab tests confirmed which type. I then had some reoccurring outbreaks for a year or so before beginning suppressive treatment. I stopped these cold turkey after about 2 years and probably had 2 or 3 outbreaks over the next 12 years resembling nothing more than a single pimple looking bump. I have had blood tests done and they only say I'm positive for HSV1.


However, in April 2015 I had a large outbreak again and this time it was in 2 separate areas resembling large open wounds that crusted over shortly after. I had these swabbed tested and the results came back as HSV2. I was shocked more than confused but I guess my ignorance was I thought I already HSV so I couldn't catch it twice. I still shrugged off this outbreak as a once in a decade one that made up for any other smaller scaled outbreaks I never experienced since I first got the condition.


It was until I got another OB in October 2015 in one of the 2 spots I got earlier that I started to worry even more so I've now gone into Valtrex suppressive treatment since then. I had another OB in October 2016 in the other of the 2 spots which I originally had in 2015 but not as mild as I upped the Valtrex during this time.


My question to my fellow sufferers is, why is it that my blood test results still showing me as being negative for HSV2 when I've been tested 2 years after that swab test which said I was HSV2 positive?

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The HSV1 sore actually looked worse in my first ever breakout as they were large individual pus filled sores all over my genitals and through my pubic region. They then only presented as one single sized bump that was larger than a pimple but smaller then a boil.


The first recognised HSV2 outbreak was 3 fairly large blisters with pus in a row and the other region was your textbook picture of about 6-10 small little blisters. The large blisters took nearly 3 weeks to heal and longer for the scars to disappear. Since being on Valtrex daily, the last two outbreaks lasted a week but a couple more weeks for those scars to disappear.


I almost forgot about my HSV1 because it was so long ago and never really reappeared. But now I've had 3 outbreaks in less than 2 years (plus possibly more because every pinhead sized bump I see might be one now) with HSV2 and its only now I've been reading up on the two different types and how worse HSV2 is in terms of OB frequency and shedding.

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