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Why is HVS not standard for STD testing.

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The fact this isn't part of the standard panel of std testing is absolutely disgusting on the part of the health care system. I made my partner at the time get tested for everything and thought I was in the clear when it came to unprotected sex. What hiking girl said about the health care system taking an ignorance is bliss approach is 100% true as I have experienced it first hand. The excuse that a diagnosis of people who are asymptomatic would be devastating to them psychologically and therefore not worth testing for blows my mind. The health care system is promoting the spread of this virus by taking this stance! I and many others like me could have avoided this diagnosis had the health care system taken a responsible approach to this virus. It's 2017 and I had to be the one to diagnose myself because all the doctors I saw were either completely ignorant to this virus or suggested I take an ignorance approach to it myself. The sad part is we probably would have had a vaccine by now had there not be such a horrible stigma attached to this virus. Many of us come to a forum like this looking for support from other anonymous people and sharing things we wouldn't dare share with our own family and friends. I guess my whole point is by hiding in shame we aren't doing ourselves any favours in promoting awareness and acceptance of this virus nor are we helping reach towards a vaccine or a cure for ourselves. With the pain and discomfort that I experience at times, it's only the possibility of a vaccine that keeps me in the fight. It's my hope that Dr. Halford is really on to something that will be game changing and reduce all of our suffering and give us back a normal life. I was never promiscuous, I come from a good family, and yet this still happened to me. Some may say that I deserve this for having unprotected sex, and yes I must take some responsibility for putting myself at risk but that doesn't mean I deserve this. None of us do.

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I'm seeing this as an opportunity: please call and email the CDC today and let them know the policy needs to change. Countless people could be saved the misery if HVS was part of a standard STD test. They are called Center for "Disease Control."

Their telephone number and email are at this website:


Is there a is there any way we could get this pinned to the top of this page. We could start a campaign with our testimonials.

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Interesting. This from the CDC website: ""Based on evidence on potential harms from a small number of trials, the high false-positive rate of the screening tests, and the potential anxiety and disruption of personal relationships related to diagnosis, the USPSTF found that the evidence is adequate to bound the potential harms of screening in asymptomatic adolescents and adults, including those who are pregnant, as at least moderate"

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@camilo I hadn't seen that quote but it's interesting. I've mentioned here before that a very large study of more than 8500 pregnant women showed 77% had one or both types of herpes (66% had HSV1, 30% had HSV2, 19% had both). I can imagine how disruptive a diagnosis could be during pregnancy. Imagine more than 3/4 of pregnant women testing positive for herpes during routine testing and then the related fallout. And the problem with testing pregnant women is that those at far greatest risk are those who test negative but have a HSV+ partner, so then you'd also have to test all partners, as well. The greatest risk (for neonatal herpes) is when a pregnant woman contracts genital HSV (of either type) during the last few months of pregnancy and does not build enough antibodies before labor. Those women would test negative until some time after labor, but would be at highest risk during labor. The risk for those women is 30-50% while for women with established infections (those who test positive on a blood test) the risk is .02%.

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I can see the rationale of the CDC. I wish I would have known that before I got tested. I got tested two weeks after exposure and my index score was 1.19. According to the CDC, and Terri Warren, anything between 1 and 3.5 is a high probability for error. However I've also learned you can't really get an accurate index score until 3-4 months after exposure. It really is kind of a crapshoot, since 80% of the people that have it don't know they have it but yet then a small percentage of people have very major symptoms. The thing that surprises me is that primary care physicians, at least mine doesn't seem to be aware of the possible inaccuracies of IGG when the reading is in the low range. I wonder if this is one of those instances where you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet, but the statements I'm making are coming from the CDC and one of the foremost experts on HSV in the country, Terri Warren. I did email the CDC today and let them know that hvs testing should be standard for STDs. Even if the scores are sometimes inaccurate, it would do wonders in dispelling the prejudice. Your posts have been helpful, Optimist, I've read many of them, thank you for contributing.

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So so so irresponsible of them. But this is so true. My gynecologist was actually upset that I went and got a blood test because I'm asymptomatic (if I have outbreaks I don't know)...but the psychological part has really done a number on me mentally. I do sometimes wish I was living in ignorant bliss then I realize how silly that is.

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I was always so responsible getting blood tests before getting into a new relationship, unfortunately with this last encounter I got the test after I had sex with a person who was not honest with me. I think there must be a lot of people out there who are either dishonest and reckless with other people's health or in denial of their likelihood of having it. I certainly was reckless with my own health in regards to not using a condom and not insisting on getting both of us tested beforehand.

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