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I think I gave my 4 year old Hérpes? And herpes whitlow?

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Please help! My son has a tiny little dot/pimple looking thing on his lower lip? I usually give him a 3 second peck and his lips but this morning he woke up with that? :( It's about the size of a pen tip. I thought k I may have caught hérpes from my husband he has both oral and genital herpes type 1. Two days ago I got an outbreak (very mild as usual) and I have Type2 so I grabbed the outer part of my inner leg/vaginal area but almost positive I didn't touch the sore in order to put this lotion on me and this morning i woke up to a burning sensation on my left index finger-no bumps or anything (my sore is on my left side of vagina) and scared that I may have caught hérpes on my finger now?


Anybody with hérpes whitlow to tell me symptoms? PLEASE HELP. I don't want my 4 year old to have this nor do I want to have herpes on my finger. That would be the end of the world for me. :(

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Its probably just a pimple on your son's lip. Keep an eye on it, if it starts to spread or becomes a cluster of dots then you may be right.


Whitlow is quite rare, burning could be due to leaving lotion on your finger? I have whitlow, and it started with a black patch on a torn cuticle (from biting). Then there were 3-7 quite big blisters on my finger which never opened. It repeated a few times in the first year. I don't remember the burning sensation, but the symptoms are very hard to miss in my case.


Btw, hérpes sounds so much better in my head than herpes!

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Hahahah I have my Spanish keyboard and it autocorrects herpes to hérpes lol I don't know if I have HSV-1 as I've never had a cold sore but my husband does get cold sores -I'm assuming I prob caught it from him at this point /: I have never kissed my child for more than 2 seconds but then again-he is in daycare as well where he's at risk 24/7 with all the other kids. I would just hate for me to be the culprit.


What is the average time for a "cluster" to develop? I think this is his 2nd/3rd day with the little red bump right on the line of his bottom lip and nothing has "formed" per say. I have gone to get tested and HOPEFULLY it comes back negative. Pray for my little boy. Thanks for answering!

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