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Just told the guy I'm seeing and I'm so scared

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Hi everyone.


I was diagnosed 3 years ago with type 2 by an ex who says he didn't know he had it.

I recently started seeing someone and had to tell him last night. He's amazing and so I was terrified to tell him.


Things were progressing to sex so i had to tell him. It was the hardest thing ever.

I finally got it out and he was quiet at first then asked a few questions. I tried to explain all that I could about it, and he said sorry if he was being weird or quiet about it, because he has never had this come up before.


He was very appreciative that I told him and said that it was brave of me and showed my good character. We were laying on his bed and he was hugging and kissing me still.

Then he said he needed some time to think about it. I just imagined the worst, that what he means is he can't deal and it was a way to let me down easy.

He walked me to my car and hugged me and I said 'are you going to bail on me?' And he said he wasn't that he just needs time.

So I text him when I got home and said thanks for listening and he said I didn't need to thank him, and thanked me instead and said how much he respected me etc.

I told him to take all the time he needs, but that I hoped I could see him again.

He ended with 'we will see each other again I'm sure. Just gotta work this through. Have a good sleep and great day tomorrow'.


I know all I can do is give him space and come to me and hope for the best. I'm scared though and mad that this could be the end of it but don't want to imagine that yet:

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You did the right thing. I know it's hard. I told a guy once and he said "well, that's a lot to think about". Two weeks later, he came up to me at work and said he handled that completely wrong and wanted to date. We dated approx 3 months including lots of sex and ended up parting ways due other reasons. We did, however, remain friends to this day!

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Yeah, it's put me in a pretty sad state, and scared to ever do it again, as it was my first disclosure. I really liked him though, and sucks to be rejected either way.

Good luck to you though! I hope it goes better for you...

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