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Long rant and weird thought :(

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Im 3 months shy from my 2 year anniversary. Next week will be a year since I had intercourse. Even thought I have come along way, deep down I'm still in pain and struggle with self-confidence. If I think too hard about everything that happened between my giver and I, I will tear up or cry. My emotions are so strong that I have even shed some tears in public and even at work (when no one is looking).


Another thing that upsets me is the fact that I get a rash where us girls tend to get wedgies. My first year I was rash free but I think my herpes spread to that area after having sex with my giver last year (he gets obs on his scrotum). I don't even get blisters on my genitals anymore:(, just this stupid rash that I deal with almost everyday (its worse than getting them on my genitals). I can't wear normal underwear anymore because the extra fabric (even if its cotton) will cause friction if I wear it for too long. I found that thongs work better since they stay in place. When I'm home I go comando. I can't even go to the gym sometimes because of how bothersome it is and this is what frustrates me and angers me. I start thinking about how on earth I will be a able to manage it when I start working as a Biological technician. We hike all day! :/ I try to stay away from bad foods and I take antivirals but I've concluded that it's most likely the friction that is causing the rash. I feel hopeless :(.


Okay I've been having this weird thought for a few months.... since it is a skin condition... is there a possibility of surgically removing the skin thats infected to stop the rash from happening in that spot? Or because the virus has already made its appearance there it will keep recurring there regardless of it being new skin?


Also, I wish I could meet people with hsv2. There aren't any support groups in my area. I think that would help me feel less alone. I'm grateful for this forum, however not being able to put faces to like 99% of you still makes me feel alone. I've put my profile picture up before but I always end up taking it down because I feel self conscious that you guys can see my face but I can't see yours lol.


I don't know what to do about my herpes anymore.


Sorry for the rant!

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My understanding is that the virus lives in a group of nerves at the base of your spine (not in your skin). The virus often travels along the same nerve to exit the body where you normally have outbreaks (the path of least resistance), but it can take any path it wants to--anywhere in the entire boxer shorts region. I don't have direct experience with what you're going through, but the fact that you used to get OBs on your genitals and now it's the buttocks.....maybe it will move to a new location later on as well?


Have you tried a different antiviral? Some people find one really helpful and the other worthless. I'm sorry you're in so much pain. It's so hard to concentrate on anything good when you're in pain all the time. :-(

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Thank you for clarifying. That's what I have understood also, but that idea crossed my mind after realizing I was having new symptoms. I'm pretty sure that part of my buttocks got infected from my last encounter with my giver. It makes perfect sense to me because where I get my rash is where his scrotum touched (sorry tmi!).


I am currently on acyclovir. I've thought about valtrex but I have to do my research. I think i've heard valtrex might have some negative side effects? I went to my local herb shop recently and they gave me some tea for the nerves. I'm hoping that will help out a bit.


Thank you! :( I try to stay positive but sometimes I can't help but get really down about it. I hope that by next year the rash will go away.




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Covering that area should eliminate transmission from that particular area, although medical tape over an outbreak sounds painful!! :-( Perhaps another visit to the doc might be helpful? He/she may be able to prescribe something for the pain you're having now, as well as review any concerns about Valtrex. I know there's been a lot of talk recently about hair loss, but if it's any consolation, I didn't have that when I was on it for 6 months. Plus if you do have negative side effects, you can always stop and go back to acyclovir, right? It might also be good to talk with the doc (if you haven't already done so) about whether the rash is constant or sporadic, and if it's possible it may be from something else. Either way, my heart goes out to you for the discomfort you're experiencing.

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