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Wanted to introduce myself and say thank you!

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Hello Everyone,


I was just diagnosed on Tuesday with primary OB. I graduated college Sunday and had planned on traveling abroad. As luck would have it, I didn't go, and I'm so grateful. I can't imagine being abroad like this.


Aside from being mortified, devastated, in tremendous pain, etc. I am so grateful that this group exists. It has provided me so much comfort as I have sat in the numerous baths and late nights. I'm actually crying now, not because of the pain or being embarassed, but because I'm just so grateful for alll of you.


All I hope for now is that I can be there for someone else one day that has to go through this for the first time.


From the bottom of my heart, you have all helped me feel less alone.


Thank you.

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Well, welcome and sorry you are going through this, but something tells me you will be more than fine very soon. I've had the H for 30 plus yrs. My story is in the veterans category. I've been very fortunate in that my life has been fantastic!!! H has not interfered in any way, shape or form. I had lots of outbreaks early on, but as time went on they reduced to about 5 per year. I went on acyclovir over a year ago and have had zero outbreaks. I stoped it recently (about 3 wks ago) as I feel like my hair is thinning....thank God I have a ton of very thick hair so not a big deal, just making sure it's either meds or just menopause. At any rate, the best advice I can give is to be good to yourself ie rest, exersise, diet, try not to stress etc. Be who you are!!! Herpes does not change who you are. Always be confident....put your best foot forward and never, NEVER make it a big deal when disclosing. Helping people here is the very least I can do. Have a great night!!!

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Welcome, @Madscientist138, we're glad you're here. It's amazing how much a little connection with others who know what you're going through really helps. As Brene Brown says, "Shame happens between people and it heals between people." You're definitely not alone. Far, far from it!


P.S. Congrats on the graduation!!

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