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Timeline of my symptoms. have been told by many people that i am not at risk of herpes.

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17th-18th March - Unprotected Oral from Prostitute. Lasts 30 seconds.


21st-22nd March - Left testictle pain. Slightly sore above in abdomen.


22nd March-31st March - Aches in general area. feel a bit inflamed but nothing visually noticeable. feeling ok day or two leading up to 31st March. Have STD Check at Sexual Health Clinic. Visually checked and appears no sores. Urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Blood test for HIV and Syphilis.


31st March-9th April - Feeling ok. a little achey around area and feel hot and inflamed feeling around penis and scrotum but that dies down. decide to trim public hair around 7th or 8th. a bit itchy but thought it was a result of the trimming. Recieve Oral from Girlfriend.


10th April-17th April - Slight back pain. a little cramp in right bum cheek and cramp the following day. itchy but still thinking that this was part because of trimming. Road trip with friend on 15th. Back is sore but the car seat is really upright and uncomfortable. he is complaining too so think nothing of it. havnt noticed anything visually. a bit sweaty down there but nothin that seemed out of the ordinary. still itchy.


18th April - Notice something at base of penis on right hand underside of shaft. where it sits ontop of scrotum. has been quite sweaty down there and it is amongst the hairs at bottom of shaft. look like raised hair follicles. only noticed when i pulled the skin tight around penis. 5 or 6 surrounded by a little rash. have been inspecting the area alot and itching since i trimmed pubes. i work in construction and have been checking the area with my dirty hands alot and thought it was just a little infection. did not resemble what i had seen on internet regarding herpes. begin to think this could be herpes related. also at some stage between 31st March-Now there was some small scabs on top left underside of penis. had been pulling and manipulating the skin alot so thought that could be the reason. never noticed any lesions and they were tiny, like a cut.


19th or 20th April - Call Sexual Health Clinic. Explain what i saw the day before, they say it wont be herpes and that it will be the soap i am using. insist on coming in and the earliest they can see me is the 27th of April. Come home explain to my girlfriend the situation as i figured i better come clean and confess that i have been panicking.


22nd April-25th April - Go away for the weekend with my dad. tell him the situation on the 22nd and feel another weight has lifted off my shoulders. no symptoms to report.


27th April - Arrive at Sexual Health Clinic. have felt alright over last few days with no symptoms. Explain my situation. Woman working said that nothing i have said resembles Herpes. get checked and says no evidence of herpes. have urine test and told if i want to do blood test for HIV or syphilis come back after 3 months post exposure.


28th April - Headache at work in the afternoon.


29th April-4th May - Headaches on and off from the weekend and through the week. Flu develops some time around then but have been surrounded by friends every day that had bad flu the week before. Heavy steel beam rolls onto shin. feels really painful but nothing broken. sit down and bone feels ok but shin looks almost bent in half. pain wears off after 30 mins and continue work. Possibly think it may have been responsible for Right leg pain on the 15th May. but unsure as it has been almost a week and a half after the incident. (as of 20th May) area still feeling sore like bone is bruised at bottom of tibula just above ankle and in middle of shin. beam crushed both areas.


5th May-take the day of work on Friday 6th.


7th May-11th May - Flu dies down after taking 6 panadols per day from 5th of may till the 8th. feeling ok again with no symptoms and go to see a Dermatologist on the 11th. He inspects area sees nothing wrong. point out an area on my inner thigh where it meets my scrotum that had been itching and appeared to be slightly inflamed. has been this way many times before when i get sweaty down there but ask him and he says it looks like an ingrown hair. swabbed that day and havnt heard back from him.


11th May-14th May - No symptoms.


15th May - walking/jogging down stairs at work and as i get to the bottom back, right bum cheek and leg feel a slight pain. sit down and feel some type of nerve vibration in outer right knee. cannot visually see anything but can feel a vibration come and go every 1-3 seconds. that night feel a very sore pain radiate similar to a shin splint. it hurts for a few hours but calms down by the morning. think back to incident from 4th May. maybe some relation?


16th May - go to see my GP. explain everything. She says no way the nerves strange movement or anything is related to Herpes. says it is a back thing. inspects area, i insist that she swabs a singular sore on my lower spine just about my bum. she says it is staph infection but swabs anyway. awaiting results. also have a HPV shot she says is new.


17th May - Same nerve feeling in knee. still cannot see anything but feels like it has changed to 8 second vibrations.


18th May - feeling more muscle movements in right leg, calf muscle and a little bit in thigh. different from the vibrations. starting to wonder whether this is my nerves reacting to herpes virus.


19th May - Still the same. muscles twitching quite a bit.


20th May - Still the same. not many movements today as previous days. slight ache in right bum cheek. feel a few muscle movements in left leg. starting to think more that this is truely herpes but thinking perhaps go to physio or neaurologist to have a look at it.


21st May - muscle spasms have slowed down even more.


22nd May - not much twitching now.


23rd May - Almost no twitching. slight pain in lower back right bum. possibly from lifting.





Please post and let me know what you guys think. i have been repeated told by doctors, dermatologists, sexual health workers and helpful people online but i just have a gut feeling my symptoms tell me otherwise.

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well on the night of the 23rd i noticed an inflamed area not very big that looked like a burn just below the head on the shaft. i did masturbate that day and i didnt feel any tingling or itching associated with it in that area. it just sorta showed up. im pretty sure it is from friction but today i went in and got it checked and swabbed. it had already slightly scabbed by the time i got in but i will keep an eye on it. from my research it should not have just appeared and scabbed within 12 hours.

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Man I did all this.. kept records of every little twitch or sore.. although my symptoms were much more obvious. I'd actually say that most of the symptoms are caused by anxiety, and some you admitted were in sweaty, chafing parts are probably due to that. You sweat more when youre anxious about something - it weighs on your mind and affects you whilst you sleep too. You will hold yourself more tightly, and since you do lifting with your job it just heightens the risk of muscle tweaks and sprains. I think Chlamydia and Gonnorhea are the main risks with oral.. easier to identify. HSV1 to a male from a 30s blowjob would be pretty low risk.


Not to write off your symptoms at all, but have a read of this - might strike a chord:



It's a cycle.. you have a cause for concern (the bj) --> you worry, become hypersensitive and notice a minor physical change --> causes more worry --> causes another symptom --> worry --> more symptoms. You've gotta put your foot down and break the cycle. I eventually got bored of taking notes... was still alive a year later so started to ignore it all. Soon enough I was back to normal.

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@Sil88 hit the nail on the head with their reply (IMHO). Get another IgG blood test at 16 weeks post-exposure (by then over 95% of those infected will test positive on a blood test).


Earlier today I heard about a study where people were blindfolded and told that their right arm was being rubbed with poison ivy (when in fact it was a harmless plant). All of the study participants developed a rash on their arm. The mind does powerful things!

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