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Need help! Don't know what to do...

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Hi there, I am newly diagnosed - confirmed - just days ago but knew or thought I had herpes. I had one outbreak on my gentials this last December - one tiny sore. I don't know which partner gave it to me only that I've only been with two people the last 7 years. One is my long term ex boyfriend of 6 years whom I was faithful to the entire time and another man I slept with after my ex and I broke up. He ended up moving away to Califnornia so I never saw him again or heard from him. I did sleep with my ex again after for a short time unprotected as we were trying to work things out. He never showed any signs of H during our LTR but once complained of an ingrown hair anyhow regardless of anything I have H now.


I am newly back in the dating scene only to find out I have H! This is the most difficult thing...While just getting my test results last week I've been on a dating app for two months and finally found this man I really like and has all the qualities I want in someone for a LTR and future partner. He even asked me to get off the dating app so that we can get to know each other better without having all others interfere in our dating. I didn't know what to do so I self subtobged our dating in the beginning by being distance and acting like I wasn't interested when I really was. :(


So here I am today, I sent him a I miss you text while he has been out of town. He actually responded to my surprise and wants to start dating me again. We made plans for this weekend. I already know things might get intimate in the near future as we are both so physically attracted to each other the first time around and he always makes comments about wanting to kiss me all over and I'm

Thinking uh no not down there. I did mention that I don't sleep with people right away and he said he respected that. Eventually I know I will have to disclose. I'm an honest person - always was but this is the hardest thing I have or ever will have done. I never thought I would get H only proves how naive I was about praticing safe sex.


This decision has been giving me restless nights and stress! I barely sleep anymore. I was planning to see how the weekend goes before I disclose to see if we still have the connection but I know we do. Ps, he was married in his younger years and is newly single so I have a feeling he is not educated in H..... I'm 35 and he's 36.


Any thoughts and comments appreciated thanks.

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Just be straight up and get it over with. If he's going to run , Let him do it now. I feel it's probably more stressful worrying about it ...I don't care that my partner has it. We are careful most of the time and I haven't got it yet. it was a shocker when he told me. I thought about it and told him we'd work around it. He told me after our second date. We have an amazing sex life and he hasn't had an outbreak in 2 years 6 months. You can have a happy normal life!! There's H dating sites also so you don't have to fear having the talk if you're not ready yet. I'm here if you ever want to chat. Much love to you girl! Good Luck !

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