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Is this normal?

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I have not been diagnosed "yet". I am still waiting on my test results. A couple days ago I noticed a couple bumps around my labia that hurt, I went to my Dr and she says it looks like herpes, and I have bacterial vaginosis. She put me on an antiviral, buT I feel like it's not doing anything. My vagina is now absolutely covered in what appear to be herpes sores. The pictures I see online do not show this many sores around the vaginal area. I'm starting to freak out, as it is SO painful. How long do more sores tend to show up? And is having a "ton" of sores normal for a first OB?

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@Eleni_Nicole it's different for everyone. The first OB is typically the worst and longest because your body hasn't developed its natural defenses to the virus yet. It sounds like this one is going to be pretty awful for you and I'm sorry for that. It wouldn't hurt to let your doctor know you're not seeing results from the antivirals. She may prescribe a different one for you or adjust your dosage. It may also benefit you to try a topical treatment as well. Tea Tree Oil has done wonders for me. Just make sure you dillute it with either water or a carrier oil (like coconut oil - virgin, unrefined) - I put a couple drops on a wet cotton square and gently apply to the affected area, you'll feel a cooling sensation almost immediately.


You may start experiencing other symptoms that don't feel like they should be related. Personally, I had an overall sick feeling and a dull headache for at least a couple of weeks. And odd pains in my "boxer short area" - feels like muscle soreness some days, others it feels like a burning sensation just beneath the surface of the skin. The virus moves up and down your nerves so that is normal.


I'm so sorry you're going through this! You're going to find this forum very helpful. Lots of information and perspective.



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